All Predator Skills And Upgrades Unlock Guide – Shadow Of War

Predator Skills play a very important role in Middle Earth: Shadow of War as you can move fast and that without getting detected by your enemies, I mean come one who doesn’t like to stealth for a Smart move. The ones who love to play the game mostly in Stealth will love to upgrade the Predators Skills. With the help of this skill, one can easily get into the enemies camp without getting noticed and then take down enemy one by one so that you get to the main leader of the Troop and much more. Predator Skill Tree in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has 6 main Skill and 13 upgrades to it. In this guide, we have mentioned the complete information about these skills and upgrades along with How to Use them.

Shadow of War Predator Skill Tree

IMPORTANT NOTE: One very important thing you need to know for UPGRADES of each skills is that only one can be active at a time.

Unlock All Predator Skills

1 – Elven Agility Skill:

Elven Agility skill helps you to make a Sudden speed burst while jumping, landing or climbing. It can be triggered by pressing Cross on PS4 and A on Xbox One after you Jump, Climb or Land.

What Are The Upgrades For Elven Agility

Upgrade 1: Silent Runner

  • How to use it – With this upgrade, the Long press run button to sprint no-more makes noise, so you are out of the attention meter of the Orcs.

Upgrade 2: Spectral Dash

  • How to use it – This upgrade in skill lets you make a small Dash Charge move, to get up close to your enemy quickly. To trigger this press Cross for PS4 and A for Xbox One, you can chain this skill with the Stealth kills, on the cost of Focus.

2 – Brutalize Skill:

Brutalize Skill is nothing but a better and stealth version of Brutal aggression skill from the Combat Skill (click link to read about it). To trigger Brutalize Skill simply press R2 + Triangle on PS4 controller and RT + Y on Xbox One controller. Performing this skill will not only boost your hitstreak but also increase your Might too.

What Are The Upgrades for Brutalize Skill

Upgrade 1: Unyielding Ferocity

  • How to Use it – Using Unyielding Ferocity will let you increase your Might and Hitstreak.

Upgrade 2: Reckless Hate

  • How to Use it – With Reckless Hate upgraded, when you perform the Brutalize Skill, the enemies around you will fear more and runaway.

3 – Poison Tendril Skill

This Poison Tendril skill allows you to fire a Poisoned arrow at the Grog making it completely Poison for the Grunts to drink, from a far distance. To trigger this all you need to do is aim at the Grog and press COUNTER button.

What Are The Upgrades for Poison Tendril Skill

Upgrade 1: Bursting Toxin

  • How to Use it – Grunts drinking from the Poisoned Grog will explode, affecting the nearby area and enemies. Note that you need Level 8 or higher.

Upgrade 2: Contagion

  • How to Use it – This upgrade is good as it is fun to see these poisoned enemies going wild and attacking each other but you need Level 14 for this.

Upgrade 3: Proximity Trigger

  • How to Use it – This upgrade lets you trigger different types of hazards on enemies like Morgai Flies, Beast Cage and Bait from a distance. Level 20 and above required.

4 – Wraith Chain Skill:

The Wraith Chain skill allows you to take down multiple enemies during stealth kill. All you need to do is use the ATTACK key, the moment you press it the additional enemy that you wanted to target will get chain together with the enemy you are already targetted. However, this facility of chaining multiple enemies do come with a cost, you will lose ONE FOCUS for each additional enemy.

What Are The Upgrades for Wraith Chain Skill

Upgrade 1: Monster Hunter

  • How to Use It – With the help of this upgrade, you can Stealth attack an enemy of a higher level in the game, like the Beasts.

Upgrade 2: Shadow Blade

  • How to Use It – With this upgrade, you can make your first Stealth attack without losing your Focus.

5 – Deadly Specter:

This Deadly Specter skill is a deadly skill in Shadow Of War as it leaves behind a WRAITH for you to kill the enemy. To target this all you need to do is press down the COUNTER button while Attracting and the Wraith will work for you.

What Are The Upgrades for Deadly Specter Skill

Upgrade 1: Terrifying Presence

  • How to Use it – With this Upgrade the, Warith that you left behind will kill the enemy in more Brutal manner, using all the possible effects. Note Level 12 and up required.

Upgrade 2: Spirit Drain

  • How to Use it – With this upgrade, your Wraith will even Drain the Target too. Note Level 20 and up required.

6 – Death Threat Skill (Story Skill):

Death Threat skill is a bit different from the rest of the Skills mentioned above. It will give you the ability to send a Message to your desired Captain using a Worm, stating that you are soon coming for him. This Increases the Chance of you getting a better Reward in return when you kill him.

Note: To get this skill you need to complete the Story Mode.

What Are The Upgrades for Death Threat

Upgrade 1: Worse than Death (Complete Bruz Quests)

  • How to Use It – For this, you will first have to complete the Bruz quest. This helps you to use Shame on your target while defeating, which ruins their mind, lowering their level and making them Deranged. But there are possibilities that they might backfire at you and completely turn into a Maniac.

Upgrade 2: Vow of Violence

  • How to Use It – THis adds a Bonus Objective to Death Threats, which on completing will let you have more rewards. Note Level22 and up required.

That’s all for this Shadow Of War Predator Skill Tree Guide. Stay tuned for more updates on the rest of the skill tree and till then do refer to our other guide on Act I Walkthrough: The Siege Of Minas Ithi.