Unlock The Invincible Shield Weaver Outfit Armor, All 5 Power Cell Locations – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn

In the Horizon Zero Dawn, there are five Power Cells you need to collect in the mission areas. The missions remain unlocked until you reach certain point in the story. Collection all five Power Cell and use them to solve puzzles at certain bunker to get Ultra Weaver armor set, which is the best armor set in the game. Along with this, you can also unlock a trophy “Got the Shield-Weaver outfit”. The following guide consist the locations of all five Power Cell in the game.

Power Cell Location - Horizon Zero Dawn

Where to find power cells in Horizon Zero Dawn

Power Cell Location 1

You will find this one in the Main Quest “The Womb of the Mountain”, in the All Mother area. In order to find this, you need to revisit the Ruins that you fell into as a child. Go the green marker area on the map, find a hole in the ground which is the entrance into the ruins, drop down to the first level. Keep going until you reach at the point, you will go down a flight of stairs. Follow the road to reach one of the doors. Go through the door, on your way you will find a room or two blocked by stalactites, smash them to enter the room to collect the resources in the room. Go up of the stairs and go through the hallway, then turn right to find a room with a stalactite-covered doorway. Smash them to enter the room and find the power cell on a table, which is marked by a green item icon.

Power Cell Location 2

In the Womb of the Mountain main story quest, a little after the starting of the mission, you will find a door with the switch, open the door using a switch and keep going until you come across another door which opens into a large room with some ornamental structures. You will find another door ahead but go to the right. You will come across a sealed holo lock which can’t be opened so go to the left to find a vent with candles, enter it to move forward to reach another side of the room. You will find Power Cell on the floor which is marked with the green icon.

How to Solve The Puzzle

  • The Numbers and hours on the panel correspond to the clock. From Right to left the unlock pattern is 12-Noon, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 12-Midnight.

Power Cell Location 3

You will find this one in the Maker’s End quest, in the mission you will come across a tall building, which you need to climb, then the game tells you “Search Faro’s Office for information about Dr. Sobeck.” After reaching that, turn around to see a wall behind you. You need to climb to the top, to find the Power Cell on the ground.

Power Cell Location 4

You will find this in the The Grave Hoard quest, in the mission you will come across a puzzle with three holo-lock sets. You need to solve the puzzle and go to the newly-opened area on the third floor of the dungeon. Climb up the ladder to reach the area and get inside the hallway then turn left to find a door with holo lock. Get inside the room to collect the Power Cell.

Power Cell Location 5

You will find this one in The Mountain That Fell quest, in the derelict GAIA Prime facility. When you are trying to find master override in the ruins, you need to rappel from a steel beam in a vast cave. Reach the bottom and turn around and climb up the cliff instead going down. At the top, you will find a purple light coming out of a tunnel, follow it n reach the end of the tunnel to find a Power Cell on the shelf.

Steps to Unlock Shield Weaver Outfit Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn

Becoming almost Invincible is possible with Shield-Weaver armor and to get one you will have to work a little bit. It cannot be modified but does have a rechargeable shield which protects the Alloy and takes a heavy amount of damage. As the shield runs out of power its starts blinking red and alarms sound. It can be acquired by completing A quest “Ancient Armory” which consists of collecting in-total Five Power Cells which are been hidden in the map.

When you collect five Power Cells, go to the Ancient Armory Bunker, which is marked as the side quest. You need to insert the five Power Cells and solve the puzzle to get the armor. To unlock the trophy, go to the inventory and Shield-Weaver Outfit Treasure Box to equip the armor. The armor is extremely powerful and adsorbs any type of damage.

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