Unlock Unlimited Fast Travel – Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn On PC

In the Horizon Zero Dawn, you can unlock unlimited Fast Travel feature to cover the distance quickly and reach the destination fast. You need to collect the rare Fox skin and Fatty Meat in order to unlock the unlimited fast travel. The following guide shows how to unlock the unlimited fast Travel in the game.

Fast Travel - Horizon Zero Dawn

How to Unlock Unlimited Fast Travel:

In order to unlock the unlimited fast travel, you need to buy the Golden Fast Travel Pack from the Hunting Goods Merchant in Meridian City. The pack costs 50 Metal Shards, 1 Fox Skin and 10 Fatty Meat.

You can see it in the resources tab of the merchant. You need to collect the rare Fox Skin and Fatty Meat by hunting the foxes. They are mostly found in the green areas on the map, like woods.

You need to hunt five to ten foxes and in order to find them press R3 to scan and find the foxes in the area. Now you can use every campfire that was previously discovered for fast travel.

The Golden Fast Travel Pack uses 1 resource item slot. So keep the pack in the inventory to use it whenever you want to travel freely.

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Here is another way to Fast Travel unlimited times in Horizon Zero Dawn (as shared by Reddit user INGWR):

Some of the merchants offer a ‘Golden Fast Travel Pack’ that’s probably overlooked quite a bit because it’s at the very bottom of the Resources tab on the buy screen. It costs 50 shards, 1 fox skin, and 10 fatty meat. Once you get this, you’ll never need to worry about buying fast travel packs again because it doesn’t ever go away.

If you’re having trouble finding a merchant to sell it, there’s at least one in Meridian that does.