Upgrade Siege Abilities – Middle Earth Shadow of War Guide

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Middle Earth Shadow of War continues the previous game’s narrative with additional to “Nemesis System” in Shadow of Mordor. This System allows Talion to gain followers including Uruks and Ologs to built complex strategies and more. Player need to Upgrade Siege Abilities to help in attacking or defending a fort in Shadow of War. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Unlocking.

Siege Abilities Upgrade Guide - Shadow of War

Upgrade Siege Abilities

Your main goal in Shadow of War is to Attack and Defend the Fort and in doing so you need to upgrade your recruits and siege abilities. In order to Upgrade Siege Abilities, you need to Press X on Xbox One and for Playstation press Square. Now scroll down to Open new slot for the Captain in exchange for silver.

Note: You need to reach a high level in order to unlock Full Potential Talions

Now that Abilities are Upgraded you must select option next to the Captain Slot. Here you can choose the attack and defense to bolster your army. We recommend having a Spider rolling with each Captain or try different abilities in each slot per Captain. This will also cost you one Silver, but trust me this upgrade is the must.

This is all about the Upgrade of Siege Abilities, you can check our Epic and Legendary Orcs Unlocking Guide to build a perfect Recruit for Middle-earth Shadow of War.