How To Get Vess Rare Blade, Tranquility Quest Walkthrough – Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has a Side quest known as Tranquility, which will let you Bond with Vess’ Core Crystal. Vess is another rare Blade from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Completing the Tranquility side quest can be a difficult job as there many tricky places from where you will have to digg in for treasure and other items along with having a lot of conversation with other characters in order to make a progress in the Quest. You will be guided with a Number Meter on the Top Center of the Screen which will tell you how far are you from your Objective, but still there is a massive possibility of you getting stuck in the quest. Guess what – you won’t have to worry at all because we have a complete walkthrough on Tranquility Sidequest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. With the help of this Tranquility Sidequest Walkthrough, it will be easy for you to spot the places and complete the Quest to have the Vess rare Blade.

Vess Rare Blade Tranquility Side Quest

NOTE: It is important that you have unlocked Chapter 4 as Merc Group will only be unlocked at chapter 4 and you will need this in completing the Tranquility side quest. So let’s start the guide with no further delay.

How To Complete Tranquility Side Quest And Unlock Vess Rare Blade

Part 1 – 5 Clumps of Salty Soil, 8 portions of Gromrice and 5 Ruby Mangosteens.

  • Location: Gomott Province – Torigoth Arch

Torigoth Arch Location Tranquility Side Quest

Here you will have to Get to the Market Area where Vess will be in search of something to shop. After having a Conversation with her you will know what she is in search of i.e. 5 Clumps of Salty Soil, 8 portions of Gromrice and 5 Ruby Mangosteens. From this Point, Your Tranquility Side Quest starts.

Note: Vess will Only appear in Daytime while you are in Chapter Three.

Where to Get Salty Soil

  • Objective: Gather Salty Soil
  • Location: Kingdom of Uraya – Head – Soulcrown Summit

Soulcrown Summit Location Tranquility Side Quest

Now Skip travel to Soulcrown Summit, the marked location on the image above. As you get to the marked location on the map, make your way to the barren land with Long and huge Stone pillar in the middle of the land. Digg into the ground to collect the Salty Soil from the big pillar-like structure.

Salty Soil Location Tranquility Side Quest Salty Soil Tranquility Side Quest

Where to Get Gromrice

  • Objective: Gather Gromrice
  • Location: Kingdom of Uraya – Garfont Village – Garfon Town Gate

Garfon Town Gate Location Tranquility Side Quest

As you get to the Garfon Town Gate enter the gate and keep running ahead from Plaza of Reprieve to Waypoint Market and then Jump on the area where rice is been drown and Dig the Collection Point and collect the Gromrice.

Gromrice Location Waypoint Market Gromrice Waypoint Market

Where to Get Ruby Mangosteen

  • Objective: Gather Ruby Mangosteen
  • Location: Kingdom of Uraya – Stomach – Eight-Rock Skip

Eight Rockskip Location Tranquility Side Quest

After Skip Traveling to the marked location, turn around and make your way to the mountains and collect the Ruby Mangosteen from the Collection point.

Ruby Mangosteen Location Ruby Mangosteen

Take All the Ingredients to Vess

  • Objective: Take the Ingredients to Vess
  • Location: Gormott Province – Abble’s Fountain

Now that you have collected all the ingredients, get back to Vess and Give the ingredients to her at the Torigoth Market near Abble’s Fountain. After which she will thank you and call you for Dinner at her House. There you wil have the next Objective.

Get to Vess’s House

Objective: Go to Vess’s House

Location: Near Tretl Windmill Plaza.

Vess House

Simply Turn around after you give the ingredients to Vess and Take a right from the Fountain and get on the small wooden stairs and you will see Vess’s House on the left-hand Side. Here you will get to know who her Driver is and she will tell you that this is Her Drivers Retirement Home. After the conversation, you will have another Part of Objective to be completed.

Part 2 – Talk to Dward for Firewood

  • Objective: Talk to Dward at Saets Lumber Co. in Gomott.
  • Location: Saets Lumber Co. – Gomott

Dward Location

Get down from Vess’s House and take a left from the Abble’s Fountain and then keep walking ahead until you see a plain area with grass and a small shack on its back. Get down there and talk to Dward for FireWood and he will tell you to get to the Pile of woods in-order to collect some Firewood. After you are done talking simply turn on the right and collect the Firewood.

Dward Firewood Location

Get the Firewood to Vess

  • Objective: Get the Gomotti Firewood to Vess.

Location: Vess’s House

Simply make your way back to Vess’s House and then after the Cutscene have your dinner and here Mabon the old man will tell you to get some Bitter Choclit along with some Fruity rice balls and this will be your new Objective.

Part 3 – Get some Choclit and Fruity Rice Balls

Where to Get Bitter Choclit from

  • Objective: Get Bitter Choclit
  • Location: Kingdom of Uraya – Fonsa Myma – Mymoma Playhouse

Mymoma Playhouse Location Tranquility Side Quest

As you Skip Travel to the Location pointed to the map and Get to the Entertainment District. See in the small market around and find Sheebrow Wagon and Buy 3 Bitter Cholit from him. After that, you will have your Second Objective to Find the Fruity Rice Ball.

How to Get Fruity Rice Ball

  • Objective: Develop Argentum, Complete the “Long-Awaited Work” mission.

Get to the Menu and then get to the Merc Group Option and select Argentum. After that select the Long-Awaited Work Mission. Now select your blades to Dispatch and then Deploy them. After a while when the Aquad Returns you will get the Reward for your Victory.

Note: Make a Point that you have played chapter 4 as Merc Group will be unlocked in Chapter 4 only.

  • Location: Argentum Trade Guild – Central exchange

Central Exchange Location Tranquility Side Quest

Now you will have to get to Central exchange in Argentum Trade Guild. After that you have Skip Traveled, search for Honeycomb Sweets Stall and get one Fruity Rice Ball. Now get back to Vess’s House and give the Bitter Choclit to Mabon and Fruity Rice Ball to Vess. After that, you come back to Mabon to have a conversation and you will get another objective of collecting a Golden Bracers, which are been divided into 2 parts Left and Right Golden Bracer.

Part 4 – Collect Left and Right Golden Bracer

Where to Find Right Golden Bracer

  • Objective: Look for the Golden Bracer in the field of Forgetfulness
  • Location: Empire of Mor Ardain – Alba Cavanich

Alba Cavanich Location Tranquility Side Quest

As you skip Travel to the location marked on the map and get to Kedeigh Gate in Alba Cavanich. Take the stairs that lead you down to the Northeast. As you are moving down and you see a cliff on the straight walkway, on the right you will see a smooth slab on the Cliff. Jump on the Slab and then again jump Down and then again on the Third jump you will see a Cave and then after you exit the Cave you will spot an Excavation point on a bit left-hand side. Digg the Excavation spot and you will get the Right Golden Bracer along with some Coins.

Right Golden Bracer Walkway Cliff Right Golden Bracer Cave Right Golden Bracer Excavation Location

Where to Find Left Golden Bracer

  • Objective: Look for the Golden Bracer in the field of Forgetfulness
  • Location: Kingdom of Uraya- Fonsa Myma – Holy Gate of Fontana

Holy Gate of Fontana Location Tranquility Side Quest

After that you have Skip Traveled to Sevind Palace Plaza, make your way to the Old Pilgrim Road (long Stairs). After you have completed the Walk downstairs you will reach the Ruins of Fountain Park and you will see a gap in between. Jump off the gap and you will land on Cliff below. Now get to the Other side of the Cliff from where you can see some Pillars Close to each other. There you will have your Left Golden Bracer from the Excavation point along with some Coins. And After that Get back to Mabon and there you will have your last Objective.

Left Golden Bracer Old Pilgrim Road Left Golden Bracer Cliff Left Golden Bracer Location

Part 5 – Deliver the Golden Bracer to Mabon’s Daughter and Son

Where to Find Noelle

  • Objective: Give one Golden Bracer to Noelle
  • Location: Kingdom of Uraya – Fonsa myma – Mymoma Playhouse

Mymoma Playhouse Noelle Location Golden Bracer

As you get to the marked location on the map make your way to the stairs that lead you down from the Entertainment District and give the Golden Bracer to Noelle standing on the right side.

Noelle Location Golden Bracer

Where to Find Antis

  • Objective: Give one Golden Bracer to Antis
  • Location: Empire of Mor Ardain – Alba Cavanich – Kedeigh Gate

Kedeigh Gate Location Tranquility Side Quest

As you Skip Travel to Kedeigh Gate you will find Antis on the higher platform on the left-hand side. After that get to Mabon, to Report him.

Antis Location Golden Bracer

After all the conversation is over Mabon will no longer be alive and as Blades are Bonded to their Drivers Vess will also go. You can collect the Core Crystal from the kitchen and then after a couple of hours of playing you can have her. You will be alerted with a message that now you can use Vess.

Vess Rare Blade

That’s all you need to know on how to Get Vess Blade and how to Complete the Tranquility Side Quest go ahead and Complete the Quest and collect Vess and have a New Blade in your Collection. If you are stuck at any point feel free to ask for help in the comment section below. Also, refer to our other guide on How To Get Lockpicking Ability in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.