Unravel Chapter 2 – The Sea, Kites, Sail Away Walkthrough Guide

Welcome back to the Second Chapter of the game – The Sea. We have just successfully completed our first Walkthrough – Thistle and Weeds, where you got familiar with the game mechanics and unlocked the sweet memories of old Granny. This is one Big Stage so let’s check out what the chapter 2 has got for us in the water zone – The Sea.

Chapter 2 - The Sea, Kites, Sail Away

Chapter 2 – The Sea, Kites, Sail Away

Once you enter the Puzzle after the cutscene, yet another amazingly fluid graphics which we are just liking it. So start climbing the Rocks and discover what memories are hidden in here for us. Like the first we see Kids with the Kites at the beach. Pull out the can from the dustbin and grab it all over to the end, make your climb over the telescope, make the bridge then jump to grab the upper hook.

Checkpoint 1 – Kites

Grab the Yarn and continue your way up until yo get the bigger yarn which will refill you completely and this is your Checkpoint number 1. Now lasso the hook on the kite but be careful that you don’t jump and die. Once you’re hooked to the kite you must manage to fly it by balancing your angle. You need to fly it and pass through the branches to get to the next section and the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2 – Making Way

We know that kite flying too you too long, but this party is really simple. All you need to do is climb down and easily(avoid jumping). Fill up the gap with the pinecone and jump to the other side. While pass through the hook swing make sure you grab the yarn from below. Hint: Jump in the water next to the Base you will find the secret collectible.

Slide Down the slope then pulls the log to make you the way. Go ahead and then first you need to pull another log to get the Yarn, but just make sure you time well and do not get drowned. Once you got the yarn make you the way by swinging all over through the hooks attached to the bridge.

Checkpoint 3 – The Swing

Now is the toughest part where you need to head back from the upper level of the bridge hooks. We can only recommend you to take you time and avoid rushing. Once you reach the last two hooks tie knots and build the bridge to jump over the top and keep walking to pass the bridge.

Checkpoint 4 – Pearl Puzzle

The Fourth checkpoint of the Chapter, Go ahead and climb the glittering ropes(tied to the Wood). Grab the pearl and throw in into the water to make the crab get it. Now you have made the bridge so go ahead and jump over him or get across. Now the next part is little tricky where you need the yarn but the crab is just blocking you to get it. What to do? Go a little forward and take the pearl out of the water to make the crab get out. Go fast and grab the yarn before the crab returns.

Walk Ahead and you will see another memory of the children sitting right beside the sea. Make your jump, build a bridge and grab those ropes to move ahead. Then push the block under the green stamp to open the bridge. If you are late then using the block to get up when water reaches you. Now you need to take that block up in order to pass to this section. make a bridge and make it all the way to the next side.

Checkpoint 5 – Crabby Way

Now pull the lever to make the crab get inside it trap and then use it to cross the water. Then jump to push out the rusty screw. Climb up and grab the yarn to refill. Use the Slingshot to get to the other side and again another checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6 – The Boat and Sail away

Pass through swinging and avoid getting caught by the crabs. Grab the Door and then jump up to the left to open it. Once you get inside, first thing is to grab that yarn and then head up to build the bridge. Climb up and you need to pull the trigger to let the boat engine start and then pull the upper hook to cut the rope and sail away. This will take you to the next section so jump off the boat and grab that little fishy to finish the Chapter 2. Don’t forget to watch the cutscene. It’s Amazing. Let’s Move forward to our next Walkthrough section Part 3 – Berry Mire.