Unravel Chapter 3 – Berry Mire Walkthrough Guid

This is the Third Chapter of Unravel – Berry Mire, after completing the second walkthrough The Sea. We are now ready to take on any challenge as to discover the memories of Old Granny’s Book. So without any further ado, let’s check out what the chapter 3 has got for us in the forest zone – Berry Mire.

Chapter 3 - Berry Mire

Chapter 3 – Berry Mire

As we keep on progressing in the game the puzzles have started becoming a little difficult and you might need to improve on your speed as well. So as we start with this memory, you enter a Forest area and we’ve decided to just complete the level as we have a separate Guide to Location of Secrets in Unravel. So Start heading straight and until you see the third hook grab and swing to another side. Again head straight until you see the yarn to refill. Use the Part of the Tree to get across the water then open the mini Daam and lock it to the another hook to let the water flow nad fill the gap.

Pass through another side and don’t forget to take the wood block along. Jump on the Stone and slide on the slopes then build a bridge to take the stone to the other side, cross the bridge and refill the yarn. As you fall from the slope, climb on the mini roof and then break the wood plank to use it to get across the water. Then come the First Memory Image and some irritating flies. Grab the wood plank again and pass the next water section. Repeat the process to get to the next section the grab the hook and start climbing up to get another part of yarn, but for that, you must build a bridge.

Checkpoint 1 – The Bridge

Here comes the tricky part, you must first grab the hook on the axe then the right hook to bring down the plank and tie a knot so that you can climb easily on the other side. Climb up, built a bridge, jump the other side and then again climb the glittering sag tie a knot there. Start swinging below to grab the yarn and then to the other section. The water run part is one tricky area, here you need to run and jump as quickly as possible. You need to pull that one on the plank to jump higher and get the yarn.

Checkpoint 2 – Tractor Way

Once you cross this checkpoint, build a bridge and jump on the tractor. Open the parts to make your way then again build a bridge and jump to the branch of the trees to get your refill yarn. Drop down and try swinging to the other side. You’ll notice so many irritating flies and a deer crossing your way. Another Memory to hold pulls the plank back to make your jump higher. Take the yarn then Jump down takes the plank back to it position and keep walking ahead. Climb Up, Build a Bridge and toss to the other side.

Checkpoint 3 – Final Jump

There is one more yarn on the left just bellow the tree. Then the final Climb where the sunshine so bright. As you start climbing the tree it will start collapsing and there you are to the finish of the Walkthrough part 3. Do watch the cutscene and the amazing memory. Continue to Walkthrough part 4 – Mountain Trek.