Unravel Chapter 4 – Mountain Trek, Mouse Chase, Maze Walkthrough Guide

After Unleashing the Forest Memories with Chapter 3 – Berry Mire, it’s time to look for another part of the memory which is up on the shelf. You need to make a climb and a swing get there. This is Chapter 4 – The Mountain Trek and let’s uncover the memories at this stage.

Mountain Trek, Mouse Chase, Maze

Chapter 4 – Mountain Trek

The fourth chapter uncovers a lot of sweet memories, as you start the chapter you will start with dropping down from the branch. Then head straight to grab the first memory then pull the stone out from the plank to make your way. Get going follow the same old mechanics by building bridges and then jump to the next section to see the second memory. Grab the Plank and pull it back to go underground.

Make your climb from the Glittered Ropes and now that you are running out of yarn you must hurry and look to refill. You will fall down the slopes into the water which you must act fast and pull yourself out. Make your moves carefully as you might die if you are in the water.

Checkpoint 1 – Evil Mouse

First time ever you will be shocked at the evil mouse coming out of nowhere and destroys the mushroom which is your way up(build bridge). Now careful you should not land down as the mouse is waiting for you and eat you.

Checkpoint 2 – Underground

Once you head down run forwards and grab that yarn, you will notice another memory of the child near the lake. Then Head back(slowly) and keep jumping on the brown eggs to make it dusty and the mouse will head back. Here you need to grab the wooden plank and take it to the lake. Now is the Fish Ride, lasso the yarn on the fish and she will take you to the other side and toss you directly to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3 – The Bridge

Now make a bridge to first get the can from the top then make another bridge take it inside the cave and balance the plank. Get up and Refill your Yarn, continue heading straight and be careful of the water, just make sure you make a good swing.

Checkpoint 4 – Mouse Maze Run

The Mouse returns to take his revenge of the dust, so you need to be very quick. Run and jump on time otherwise you are his food mate. Once you get rid of the mouse you will grab the Glittered Rope and start climbing up and complete the maze.

Checkpoint 5 – Sun Shine

Another Memory seen near the tree once you are back from the maze. Throw the can onto the water to lower the tree branch and get across the next tree. Keep swinging and climbing the branches until you get across a shining blue plastic bag which will take you to the end of the section. Make sure you angle well. For open the Logs, you must time well to run and jump and once the bridge is made of it and grab another missing part of the memories. Thus concluding the Walkthrough Part 4 and next is our Walkthrough part 5 – Off the Rails.