Unravel Chapter 5 – Off the Rails, Everlasting Walkthrough Guide

The Fifth part of the Unravel is outstanding, unlike the evil mouse run from the Chapter 4 – The Mountain Trek. This part has some very sweet memories of the childhood. Let’s have a look at the next Chapter of Unravel that is the Walkthrough Part 5 – Off the Rails.

Chapter 5 - Off the Rails

Chapter 5 – Off the Rails

Once You start the game keep moving forward and there will be the very first memory of Granny. Then Head forward, grab the yarn and now the journey begins. Build a Bridge, grab the plank down and get to the other side. Open the Box and pull the Wood Plank to float on the water. Jump on it and let it flow, now you need to solve the puzzle in order to get across the bridge.

Try to roll the lever so that the bridge gets open and continue flowing with the plank. Remember to stay in the between to maintain the balance. Try to Jump from the above to avoid all the obstacles and you see another memory there.

Checkpoint 1 – The Pressure

Once you get to the first checkpoint grab those two yarns out there and climb to head towards the next section. Here you need to be quick once you pull the first lever the wheels will start pulling you into the water and the only way to survive is to pull the next lever. This will make the water flow and you can jump onto the broken wooden plank to head forward. Move towards the next section, grab the yarn and here you need to balance your speed on the moving wheel.

Hook the top part to refill your yarn and then head back the via top side of the machine. Jump carefully otherwise you’re dead on the spot. Again refill your yarn and move towards the next section where the pressure ends. Pull out the white wheel from the start, build a bridge and then insert it in the plank to adjust the balance. Now the next part also needs something for balance so climb up and pull the key from the top. This will drop some heavy material on the plank and it will toss the white wheel right where you want to.

Checkpoint 2 – Landslide

Here is the checkpoint number 2, and another puzzle where you need to adjust the broken branch in order to find your new path. So grab a stone and keep pushing until the branch is attached and fixed. Now hook and climb up to get to the new section by building a bridge and jumping to the other side. Now as you start climbing the glittered rope the stones will start collapsing so act and jump quickly. Build Bridges and climb up then take the cover to avoid hitting by the landslide.

Grab the yarn and keep taking cover whenever there is a landslide. If there are small stones then you can jump on them get to avoid the slide, but for the big one don’t even try to block it. For the last one Big rock, you need to head back and take the last cover once you hear the landslide or else you can pull the plank to stop the rock. Then Climb up and continue moving to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3 – Final

Start Climbing up, and yet again the same mechanics of lasso, hook and swing to move forward. As you reach the Top the final puzzles are very simple to get across and find the last memory of Chapter 5. Thus Concluding the Walkthrough part 5 and let continue with the next Walkthrough Part 6 – Down in a Hole.