Mission 12 Until Ashes Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

In the previous mission Battle of Jakku, Iden heads to planet Jakku to save some allies, she later detonates a bomb on a star destroyer. In the end, Admiral ship enters the battle and attacks Corvus. In the mission Until Ashes, Iden plans to evacuate Admiral, who is also her father. There will be a long combat with Storm Troopers on the ship until you are able to reach the cockpit to rescue Admiral.

Battlefront II Until Ashes

Mission 12 Until Ashes Walkthrough

Destroy the TIE Bombers:

Destroy Tie Bombers Corvus

Back into action, you have to target the TIE bombers first. There will be a second phase of the fight, a next pack of the squadron will enter the fight. destroy the bombers, fight with the TIE squad.

Eliminate Hask:

Eliminate Hask

Hask will be flying around in one of the warplanes. You have to follow the ship and attack it. You will also be constantly attacked from other fighter planes. Try flying around Hask’s war plane and keep shooting. This task will continue for a time. Once he is down there will be a cutscene.

Reach the Bridge:

Reach Bridge 2

Iden ship crashes on the star destroyer, but she manages to escape the crash. As you continue towards the bridge scan the area for troopers. There will be many coming towards you. After killing all head to the marker. This will be a long fight, you have to be in cover and take down the troopers until you are able to make your way to the bridge. Use grenades on the group of stormtroopers. Keep scanning the area for an enemy’s location.

Once you reach near the broken part of the ship, walk through the pipe and jump in from left. follow the next blue marker. Keep moving in after crossing the locked door. You will reach a lift that will trigger a cutscene.

Reach an Escape Pod:

Reach Escape Pod

After the cutscene where the Admiral refuses to go with Iden run towards the escape pod. There won’t be any fight now, you have to keep running towards the blue marker. Keep running, and you will reach the pod on your left.

Once you enter there will be another cutscene. This is the completion of Mission Until Ashes. You can read our walkthrough on the Ending Mission of Battlefront 2 Discoveries. With that, you can also refer our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki for more tips on the game.