Until Dawn Bonus Chapter Guide: How To Download, Install and Play It

Many PlayStation 4 gamers are unaware of how to Play Bonus Chapter In Until Dawn, the PS4 exclusive survival horror game from Supermassive Games. This guide will address all issues PS4 gamers are experiencing with Bonus Chapter of Until Dawn. So let’s start, firstly, Until Dawn Bonus Chapter is only available to PS4 gamers who pre-ordered the game.

Until Dawn Bonus Chapter Guide: How To Play/Access

Here is the description of the issue, PS4 gamers are facing:

I pre-ordered Until Dawn from Amazon and received my code. Upon redeeming it through the Sony website and setting it up to download, it immediately goes into my download queue on the website, as it should. However, it is listed as “Until Dawn DLC,” has “N/A” where the file size should be, and immediately just appears with the word “Playable” without it ever seeming to download anything.

Guys, Until Dawn Bonus Chapter, uses a special mechanics for downloading and installing, and this has been confirmed by Supermassive Games via Twitter (you can check out the tweet below).

Furthermore, Most likely you have already played through it. The DLC is added seamlessly to the game as one of the chapters, think of it as a deleted scene from a movie, just added to the full movie anyway.

By the way, Until Dawn Bonus Chapter scene is where Matt and Emily go back to search for Emily’s bag i.e. “Lets Go Find My Bag” scene.

In this Until Dawn Bonus Chapter Matt and Emily, a new couple, are out on the cold and snowy mountain path, and it’s not long before they realize that they are not alone. Only your choices determine who will survive”