Until Dawn Death Totem Location Guide

As per the developer Supermassive Games, the game was designed with 6 different endings. You have to play the game multiple times to avoid missing out any content in a single player. Here is the exact location where you will find the Death totem in Until Dawn. This will prevent you from missing any collectibles.

Until Dawn

Totems are one of the collectibles in Until Dawn. There are five types of totems and every type has 6 pieces. The Black(Death) totems can be found in several chapters of the game and if you collect all the black totems then you are awarded ‘Night of the Totem Hunter’ achievement. The Location for all Death totems is given below.

Note: You need all the characters alive so to collect all the Death Totems.

Death Totem 1: Prologue – Last Year; Character: Beth

Beth needs to follow the Footprints when she heads out in search for her sister. You need to turn on your phone’s flashlight and the first totem is easily noticed on the ground.

Death Totem 2: Chapter 5 – Prey; Character: Matt

After switching to Matt & Emily in upper cable car station, Don’t walk straight(do not find an axe stuck in the door and you’ll enter the cabin and you might miss picking up the totem), go to the corner of the yard and you will find the second Death Totem.

Death Totem 3: Chapter 5 – Prey; Character: Mike

Mike will reach a point where a door is locked and a dog guarding another door. There is a gun near it and shoot the lock with it. When exiting the room you need use the stairs, but wait don’t use it yet check out on the left you see the third totem.

Death Totem 4: Chapter 4 – Loyalty; Character: Chris

As Chris walks outside the Washington Lodge into the woods to find Ashley a scarecrow pops up on the screen. The fourth totem is on the ground just behind the scarecrow(Near Pig’s Head).

Death Totem 5: Chapter 7 – Violence; Character: Emily

When Emily tries to smash the wooden gates int he mines, she enters a room with the broken elevator. You will find Metal ladders on the right and when you go behind the ladder there is a dead end tunnel where you find the fifth totem.

Death Totem 6: Chapter 9 – Despair; Character: Sam

After you get control on Sam she tries to climb up on a rock wall. Ans as you climb up you need to go left and go down, but just wait don’t do it go right instead and move along with the wooden path and you will see a cave containing the Final Death totem.

Hope this guide was useful. If you have any Doubts regarding the locations you can post them below.