Until Dawn Guidance Totem Location Guide

As per the developer ‘Supermassive Games’, the game was designed with 6 different endings. You have to play the game multiple times to avoid missing out any content in a single player. Here is the exact location where you will find the yellow guidance totem in Until Dawn. This will prevent you from missing any collectibles.

Until Dawn

Totems are one of the collectibles in Until Dawn. There are five types of totems and every type has 6 pieces. You actions will lead to different visions and approach to the other collectibles. The Yellow Totems contains messages like for guidance, warnings(regarding future decision). The Location for all yellow totems is given below.

Sam Yellow Totem:

As you reach out to Blackwood Pines with Sam, try searching for a cable car station. When you are on your way you will notice a board which explains what are Totems. Just below that Board you will find your first Totem covered in snow. This yellow shows a bird landing on a rock near one of the characters.

Matt & Emily Yellow Totem:

You head out of the forest to the radio tower just after you meet the herd of dear. The yellow totem is next to the steps(on left). This yellow shows someone’s death(sound of beaten up and blood coming out of the mouth).

This guide will be updated soon with more location… Stay tuned..