Until Dawn: Weapons Location Guide

Until Dawn is a game where eight friends are trapped on a remote mountain getaway which had gone wrong and then they suspect hat they were not the only one who are trapped in that mountain. In such fear and tension, you need to survive and take immediate decisions that could either risk your life or you might survive.

Until Dawn

To survive such pressure they have to defend using the weapons they explore during their journey. Here is all the variety of weapons used by the survivors throughout the game.


  • Weapon: Scissors
  • Location: In the basement, inside of a camera catalog that she can use to stab The Killer.


  • Weapon: Pistol
  • Location: After the Killer(Psycho aka Josh) and Ashley fall into a trap, he gives a gun to Chris which must be used to shoot either himself or Ashley.(it is filled with blanks).
  • Weapon: Shotgun
  • Location: Victor Milgram gives Chris a shotgun which he can use to shoot wendigos.


  • Weapon: Flare Gun
  • Location: At the top of the radio tower she will find the Flare Gun


  • Weapon: Axe
  • Location: Use the axe to kill an elk that backed Matt and Emily towards the edge of a cliff.
  • Weapon: Flare Gun
  • Location: If Emily gives Him the flare gun.


  • Weapon: Rifle
  • Location: When you grab a rifle from the guest cabin where Jessica is captured by the Wendigo(The Rifle has no ammo).
  • Weapon: Machete
  • Location: In the sanitorium you will find the Machete and uses it to either cut off your fingers or open a bear trap.
  • Weapon: Revolver
  • Location: In the sanitorium you will find the Revolver and uses it to shoot a lock and shoot Emily.


  • Weapon: Baseball Bat
  • Location: In the basement, she will find one.

Here were all the weapons used by the survivors in Until Dawn.