Unturned: Fix for Steam not Found error, Input not Supported error, Low FPS issue, Hack issue, Fullscreen issue etc

Unturned is all about surviving, after an unknown apocalyptic event, most of the human race has been destroyed. You and other players are the only survivors. Find supplies to keep alive and save yourself from deadly bandits, zombies, and radiation poisoning. Unturned is still in development so expect a number of issues coming your way while playing this game.


Here is a quick fix guide for Unturned PC.

Input not Supported error

  • From the error screen, press Alt+Enter and go to Graphics
  • Select Resolution and decrease it

Unturned fullscreen crash

You will face this issue if the resolution of the game and your monitor does not match. To fix this, start your game and press Alt+Enter.

  • Go to Settings > Graphics > Resolution and decrease the resolution to match your screen size

Steam not Found error

It has the most simplest solution, restart Steam. If you still see this error, wait for a patch.

Low FPS issue

Make sure that your system meets minimum system requirements, then update all the related drivers. If the problem persists run Unturned on the lowest possible settings.

Unturned is getting hacked

Unturned is one of the games which can be hacked easily as it has player hosted servers, the developers cannot help you in this. The only option is to find a new temporary server.

Starting a new game by deleting the saved data

  • Press the Windows + ‘r’ key combination, when you see the run window, type “REGEDIT”
  • Then click Software > SmartlyDresedGames and delete the Unturned folder