Ultimate Crafting Medicine Guide for Vampyr

Medicine in Vampyr plays an important part in the game if you want to keep the citizen’s of London alive. For that, you need to use your vampiric senses to cure NPCs by crafting medicine. Some medicines will already be unlocked in the starting of the game while others will have to be unlocked. This Guide will show you steps on how to unlock medicine recipes and craft medicine to treat ailments like headaches, sepsis, and pneumonia.

Ultimate Crafting Medicine Guide

Where and How to Craft Medicines

Before you start treating the sick you need to know how to craft and give the medicines. Medicines can be crafted at a workbench inside a hideout, a place like Pembroke Hospital. At the start, some medicine will be unlocked by default which can Cure:

Treatment for Fatigue

  • Glass Vial- (1)
  • Quinine – (1)
  • Ferrous tartrate – (2)
  • Sodium hypochlorite solution – (2)

Treatment for Anemia

  • Glass vial- (1)
  • Quinine – (2)
  • Ferrous tartrate- (8)
  • Sodium hypochlorite solution- (8)

Treatment for Sepsis

  • Glass vial- (1)
  • Quinine – (4)
  • Ferrour tartrate – (15)
  • Sodium hypochlorite solution – (15)

Unlock Medicine Recipe from Nurse Crane

In Chapter 2 in the Pembroke Hospital, you will talk to Nurse Crane. She will require antiseptic. For that, she will send you to the old morgue basement for supplies. Down below is skal boss, a difficult boss. In the boss room in the right corner of a container is the recipe.

Treatment for Cold:

  • Glass vial – (1)
  • Clove essence – (1)
  • Codeine – (2)
  • Potassium permanganate -(2)

Treatment for Bronchitis:

  • Glass vial – (1)
  • Clove essence – (2)
  • Codeine – (8)
  • Potassium permanganate – (8)

Treatment for Pneumonia:

  • Glass vial – (1)
  • Clove essence – (4)
  • Codeine – (15)
  • Potassium permanganate – (15)

Unlock Medicine Recipe from Father Tobias Whitaker

In Chapter 2: Holy Crusade, Talk to the mad priest (Father Tobias Whitaker) when you are at the White Chapel on the steps of the church. He will send you to Stonebridge cemetery, you will come to Stonebridge cemetery later in the game. At the main gates outside right with a corpse, there will be a crater. Search the corpse to get the recipe.

Treatment for Headache:

  • Glass vial – (1)
  • Salicin – (1)
  • Ergotamine – (2)
  • Opium – (2)

Treatment for Migraine:

  • Glass vial – (1)
  • Salicin – (2)
  • Ergotamine – (8)
  • Opium – (8)

Treatment for Neuralgia:

  • Glass vial – (1)
  • Salicin – (4)
  • Ergotamine – (15)
  • Opium – (15)

Now go to the character that you want to give the medicine to and talk to them. To cure them you need to sleep in a bed at a hideout and for a long time for the medicine to take effect. If you need to know which citizen is sick and requires medicine you will have to be in a hideout and pause the game scroll across to the citizen list menu. The citizen on your list that has a gold star next to their icon will be suffering from an illness.

This is how you can treat your citizens and cure them of their illness. Check out our other guides on Vampyr. Check out our guides on how to collect blood, how to Unlock and Upgrade Skills in Vampyr and to how to gain experience in the game.