Vehicles Critical Hit Locations – Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Cars in Battlefront 2 brings an open galactic arena for you to battle against advance forces and weapons. Vehicles are one of the important components of game where you drive ships and use their unique abilities to take down enemies. All these vehicles have a critical point. This point is something where you can get maximum damage, upto 70% with explosive rounds. It is not so easy to target the critical spots, but if you are able to get a hit on that, you can surely bring down the ship. In this guide we will give you the details on those critical spots, depending on different vehicles of Battlefront 2. So next time when you spot any one of this you can work on destroying it fast.

Battlefront 2 Critical Hit Locations

All Vehicles Critical Hit Point Locations

Remember these Critical points are not easy to hit, they can be really tough. But ample of time in the game you will have options when you can spot them and destroy the opponent’s ships instantly. Let’s begin with the list.

AAC-1 Speeder Tank:

AA1 Speeder Tank Critical Point

The tank is used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. This one is a military tank that hovers in the air, and it can slip side ways to dodge incoming attacks. Target the black coolers on the side of the tank for maximum damage.

TX-130 Saber-class Tank:

Tax 130 Saber Class Tank

This one is a fighter tank also known as IFT-X or Republic fighter tank. The tank can fire laser cannons and concussion missiles. It also has a powerful zoom on the main turret that can take down the vehicles easily. There is a circle on the backside of the tank, shoot the same to destroy it fast.

TX-130T Fighter Tank:

This one is similar to the above one, and the critical hit point is the same, you have to target the rear circle for high damage.

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE):

At Te Critical Point

AT-TE is a walker, which is also used to carry troopers. The vehicle can be used for full-scale attack on the enemy settlements. It has a mass-driver cannon that can be loaded with heavy energy weapons or solid shells. There are further six smaller laser cannons on the vehicle. To destroy this walker targets the cylindrical area in the underbelly.

Armored Assault Tank (AAT):

Armored Assault Tank

AAT is a medium-sized repulsor tank. It has a heavy armor on the front side that allows the tank to crash and pass through walls. It has around 57 shells which mean it can unleash heavy attacks in the battle field. The tank can fire bunker-busters, high explosive shells, armor-piercing shells and high-energy shells. To destroy the tank target the rear panel, keep hitting to cause high damage.

Droid Tank:

Droid Tank Critical Point

NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer falls in this category. This massive is also known as snail tank. The tank has large arms on the sides. To destroy this tank fast go on the back side and target the tread cylinder. There is one on the back which is easy to spot, use explosives here for max damage.

Hailfire Droid:

Hailfire Droid Critical Point

IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank is also known as the wheel droid. It is a self-aware mobile missile tank that can destroy enemy vehicles and even an entire army of soldiers once launched. The tank has amazing speed and can shoot missiles. There is a cylinder below the cockpit of the tank, target that for highest damage.

All Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT):

All Terrian Recon Transport

AT-RT is the walker, the driver can sit on it on the top and drive it through an open cockpit. The driver is always vulnerable to attack here, especially a sniper rifle due to an open cock pit. AT-RT has speed and can leap distances. To destroy the walker, shoot on the cylinder that is between the legs. look on the area just below the pilot.

All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST):

All Terrian Scout Transport

AT-ST is similar to the above, the difference is that it has a close cock pit and less weight. It is a two-legged walker with tremendous speed. It is a heavily armed ground combat vehicle. It can charge with double blaster cannon along with twin blaster cannons. It also has a light E-web and concussion grenade launcher. The critical point of this vehicle is similar to the above one, you will have to locate a block on the back side between the legs.

Low Altitude Assault Transport (LAAT):

Low Altitude Assault Transport

LAAT is a gunship, it is also an anti-craft and transport vehicle. It can fire a beam through ion repeater that can pass through buildings and troopers. There are also turrets mounted on the sides. To cause maximum damage you have to target the cockpit of the gunship.

Theta-class Shuttle:

Theta Class Shuttle

A three wing transport craft is usually used by senators, officers, etc. The ships long wings project shield fields that add a powerful defense. It has quad laser cannons on the front. Target the lower neck of this ship to cause high damage to this ship.

Heavy Missile Platform Droid Gunship:

Hmp Droid Gunship

HMP Gunship also knows as Droid Gunship, is a massive shielded missile platform. It is ideal for air strikes. It carries two light laser cannons and around 14 missiles. The ship can also carry bombs, torpedoes, electromagnetic pulse missiles, etc. To cause damage to this ship you have to target its rear panel.

The Single Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP):

Stap Critical Point

STAP is a flying machine, designed to use by a single operator. It is ideal for fast travel, it carries a twin blaster cannon. As you spot a STAP shoot it from all direction. It is vulnerable from all sides.

So these are some ships and their critical points. Remember you can cause around 70% damage on those points. For more info and updates on the game, you can read our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki Guide.

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