Warframe – Capture Mission Guide


In Warframe, it can a little confusing at first, as you need to get used to a lot of different mission types. The game can also load you in with some veteran players who just happen to be running the mission, so sometimes they can be completed before you can figure out what is happening. This Capture mission guide will hopefully explain what you need to do in a clear fashion.

For new players, I would advise running the missions on Earth solo. It is pretty much a tutorial planet, and the missions are not that challenging. This will allow you to take it at your own pace and fully understand how each mission works.

Capture Mission Guide

In a Capture mission, you are tasked with hunting down a specific enemy, and capturing him. When you first load in the route to the enemy will be marked by a red icon on your HUD. Simple follow the icon to his location.

Warframe - Capture Mission Guide
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The next step is to damage the enemy enough for him to fall over, before he can run away. All enemies will attempt to run when they see you, so the element of surprise can help. Once you have effectively killed the enemy he will fall over onto the ground, at this point run to them and hit X. This will cause the enemy to break down into energy, which you capture. At this point, your goal is to Extract safely.

Warframe - Capture Mission Guide
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If you enemy makes it to the escape point, the mission is failed. There is no representation of where the enemy needs to go to escape, so just make sure you stay on them and bring them down as quickly as possible.

Tips for Beginners

The best Warframes for this mission tend to be the faster ones like Volt, or the very sneaky guys like Loki and Ash, just to ensure your enemy can’t escape. However, all Warframes can equip the Rush mod, which increases move speed and makes capturing enemies easier.

That’s it for the Capture mission Guide, Tenno. If you need help with other aspects of Warframe, be sure to check out our Guide Hub.