Warframe – Defense Mission Guide


In Warframe, you can often find yourself loaded into a new mission type without a full explanation as to what it entails. It can also happen that you are loaded into the game with some veterans, who end up running at high speeds through the level, killing everything and performing the required actions to complete the mission. This can make it tough to learn what to do.

If you are new to the game, I would suggest running the various mission types on Earth in Solo mode. They are not too challenging on your own, and this will give you ample opportunity to learn the ins and out of each mission type. In this Defense mission guide we will run through the basic things you need to know to complete this mission.

Defense Mission Guide

In Defense missions, you are tasked with defending an object from waves of enemies that are looking to destroy it. The item itself can change depending on where the mission is, or who you are fighting. Nearly all the missions have a similar layout, the object will be in a large room with many entrances. During the mission enemies will flood in these entrances.

When you first load in, the location of the object you need to defend will be marked in yellow on your map and HUD. There is no rush to get there, the mission does not start until you are within a certain range of the object.

Enemies attack in waves, once you are down to the last few enemies they will be marked in red on your HUD. The minimum amount of waves you need to beat is five. Once the fifth wave ends you will be given a reward (possibly a Mod or Relic, depending on the mission), and will be asked if you would like to stay fighting or Extract. Picking Extract will end the mission, picking Battle will start another five rounds. As you battle for longer and longer, the value of the potential rewards will increase. This is important to remember, as some of the rarer rewards will only drop on the later stages of more difficult defense mission, but we will talk about that more in the Relic Farming Guide. You can choose to Extract even if the rest of the team chooses to stay fighting.

The object will have its own shield and health bar, which you can see in the top left corner of the screen. The shield can recharge, but the damage to the health portion cannot be undone. Keep a close eye on this during the mission.

Warframe - Defense Mission Guide
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Tips For Beginners

Defense missions can be great ways to get access to some valuable cards and Relics. If you are with a good team, don’t be afraid to try and fight for a few rounds.

Warframes with shields, heals and area of effect attacks are all very valuable on these mission types, as they can fight for longer. Frost is considered a great Warframe for these, due to his strong Shield to protect the objective, and his powerful AoE attacks.

Don’t wander off and fight enemies in some random corridor, stay with your team. This makes it easier to revive each other if you get downed, means that enemies are not dying out of XP range for other people, and keeps all drops nice and close together, making them easier to grab up between rounds.

That’s it for the Defense mission guide, I hope you found this useful, Tenno!