Warframe – Beginners Mods Guide


In Warframe, your weapons, Warframes and companions can all be upgraded using Modules, or Mods for short. As you use them they will rank up, allowing more Modules to be used with each rank. A fully upgraded Warframe or weapon will have a Mod capacity of thirty. This reflects the total combined value of the Mods that you can use. It is also possible to use Orokin Reactors/Catalysts to double the Mod capacity of an item, allowing for a total capacity of sixty.

By understanding how Modules work, you can unlock the true potential or your Warframes and weapons. Mods allow you to build your Warframes in different ways, emphasising different strengths and abilities.

The Basics

First up, lets run through the basics of what Modules are, and what they do. Don’t worry if you run into some terms that are confusing, the aim of this Guide is to give you a full understanding of how Mods work, by the end it should all be very clear to you.

There are three different types of mods in the game.

  • General Modules – these improve weapon, Warframe and companion stats
  • Auras/Stances – These are passive mods that raise your available mod capacity
  • Precepts – these will affect the behaviour of your companions (Sentinels and Kubrows)

All mods have the following characteristics.

  • Name – The name of the mod itself
  • Cost – How much mod capacity it costs to install the mod
  • Polarity – This dictates which slot the mod can be used in most effectively. Matching polarities between mods and slots will reduce the mod capacity needed to equip them.
  • Description – This details the effect the mod has, and will change to represent the mods rank.
  • Category – Details what item the mod can be used on. For example, Mods for a Warframe can’t be used on weapons, and vice versa.
  • Conclave Rating – This shows you what the Mod adds to your Conclave Rating. Conclave Rating is relevant for PvP.
  • Rank – Shows the rank of the Mod. Rank can be increased through upgrading via Fusion, which will in turn affect the mod capacity needed to equip the mod.

Modules come in three different rarities, all of which have their own color. Common are Bronze, Uncommon are Silver and Rare are Gold.

How To Find Mods

Modules will be dropped by slain enemies over the course of play, and may also be found as rewards for specific in-game activities. They can also be found by opening canisters during some of the games more difficult activities.

Whilst all enemies can drop Modules, each enemy type has its own loot table, and can only drop Modules from within that loot table. As such, if you are looking for a specific type of Module that you wish to farm for, you first need to find the right enemy type. In the early game this isn’t an issue, as you can benefit from all type of mods that are dropped.

How To Access/Apply Mods

To apply Modules to your armor and weapons you need to go to the Arsenal menu. This can done in two different ways. You can access the Mods directly from your Arsenal, which is straight infront of you as you walk down the ramp. After accessing your Arsenal, click “Upgrade” on your Warframe or weapons to go the portion that allows you to apply Mods. Finally, by hitting Escape, you can access the Arsenal directly from the main menu under the Equipment heading.

If you wish to access the Mods menu, this can be done from either the main menu by hitting Escape, through the Arsenal by clicking on the “Mods” option at the bottom right, or via the Mods segment in the ship, to the bottom left of the ramp.

In order to apply Modules, go to your Arsenal, pick what you wish to apply Mods to and then click “Upgrade”. This will bring you to the Mods screen for that piece of equipment.

Warframe - Beginners Mods Guide
Upgrade MenuTL;DRGames • Fair Use

In the top left corner you can see your Mod capacity. This is tied to the equipment’s Rank, which you can increase by using the equipment in missions. As stated above this can be doubled by using an Orokin Reactor (if a Warframe) or Catalyst (if a weapon). These can either be bought on the market, or built in game using blueprints and materials.

Below that you can see the euipment stats, which will be altered depending on the Modules that you use.

At the bottom you will see all your Mods. These can sorted by Polarity using the bar just above them with the Polarity symbols on it. This makes it much easier to find the best mods to equip.

The main body of the screen shows you how many mod slots you have, and what Polarities they have. Matching the Polarity of a slot and a Mod will halve the capacity needed to apply that Module. You can put a mod with one Polarity into a slot with a different Polarity, but it will cost you extra capacity to do so. Slots without any symbol are considered neutral, and will take any General Mod, and it will cost you the full capacity for that mod.

The top two Mod slots represent an Aura Mod and an Exilus Mod. An Aura Mod will grant you extra capacity, depending on the rank of the Module. The Exilus Mod slot can only be opened up with an Exilus Adapter, and is used for special Exilus Mods.

To apply a Mod, just grab it from the list of mods at the bottom and drag it to the mod slot you which to place it in.

Understanding Capacity and Polarity

Capacity is the total value of mods that you can apply to an item. This is affected by Rank, and can be doubled using an Orokin Reactor or Catalyst. It can also be affected by using an Aura Mod. In the two comparison shots below, you can see the Capacity of a Excalibur Prime, fully ranked and with an Orokin Reactor installed. Beside it, you can see the capacity of the same Warframe with an Aura card applied.

Warframe - Beginners Mods Guide Warframe - Beginners Mods Guide

As you can see, by adding the Aura Mod ( Steel Charge with a Rank of 9 ) not only do we get extra Module capacity, but that extra capacity is doubled because the Steel Charge Polarity matches the slot polarity. The same rules apply to Aura Mods as General Mods. You can apply a different Polarity if you wish, but the benefit will be decreased and you will not get as much extra capacity.

Warframe - Beginners Mods Guide Warframe - Beginners Mods Guide

In the above two pictures, you can see that by adding the correct Polarity mods to matching Polarity slots, we can add a Redirection Mod and an Intensity Mod. Both these Mods are Rank 11, but because the Polarity of the cards matches the slots, it is halved. In both these cases you can see that the game will round up to six, instead of down to five.

By understanding how the Polarity will affect capacity, you can learn what Mods to equip to maximize your potential loadout.

Mod Fusion/Upgrading And Endo

Upgrading Modules is referred to as Fusion and is done within the Mods menu. Just go to the Mods menu, then select the Mod you wish to upgrade and then select the Fusion option.

To upgrade a mod you can use two resources, Endo and Credits. Endo is a resource that drops from enemies while you play, and appears as a gold and silver substance in game. You can also get Endo by dissolving unwanted Mods. To dissolve a mod simply click on it, the pick the Dissolve option. You will be able to see how much Endo that Mod will produce before you do it. Should you wish, you can also Sell a Mod for credits. Once again, you can check to see how much you will get for the Mod before committing to the sale.

As you can see in the shot below, I have picked the Impact mod to upgrade. The game is telling me that I have 94 of these cards, so I can happily break some down for Endo later.

Warframe - Beginners Mods Guide

Once I have selected the Fusion option, I then use the plus and minus buttons to decide what rank I want to upgrade it to. The left hand side of the screen will tell me the stats changes while the right hand side of the screen will tell me the Endo and Credits cost. To take the card from it’s current Rank of 4 to the max Rank of 9 will cost me 310 Endo and 14,973 credits. It will be the same method to upgrade any of your Mods.

Warframe - Beginners Mods Guide


Another thing you can do with unwanted Modules is Transmutation. This allows you to exchange four unwanted Mods for the chance a new, random Mod. The rarity of the Mods you use will impact the chances of getting a Rare Mod, but this outcome is never guaranteed.

To transmute mods, go to the Mods screen. Select four unranked Modules and then click on Transmute. It costs credits to transmute Mods, and without knowing what you might get it simply isn’t worth it unless you have lots of Credits and a surplus of spare Mods. I much prefer to turn my spares into Endo.

Tips For Beginners

When starting the game, it is best to focus on Mods that will increase your ability to survive. Mods that increase Health, Shields and Armor can all be upgraded and will be beneficial to you at any point in the game.

Find a weapon that you enjoy using, then focus on Modules that benefit that weapon. Some Modules work across weapon types, but some will be weapon specific. Don’t go accidentally upgrading a Shotgun mod if you prefer to use Rifles.

Damage type mods will work together for interesting effects. You can combine different types of damage together to create a third effect. It is worth experimenting with damage mods to find the most impactful synergy between them.

The only mods in the game that do not follow the rules in this guide are Riven Mods. If you are new to the game you don’t need to worry about this type of mod until much later.

Experiment with your loadouts for both your weapon and your Warframes. Some Frames benefit from increasing the area of effect of their Powers, others will benefit more by increasing their overall damage. It is about finding a style that you like, and while there is certainly a meta for the endgame, in the early portions there is lots of room to experiment and learn.

Finally, if you are unsure what do with Modules and are torn between Selling, Fusion, Dissolving or Transmuting them, don’t do anything. Modules are a finite resource, always make sure you are doing the best thing with them at any moment in time.

I hope you found this Warframe guide helpful, Tenno.