Warframe – Extermination Mission Guide


In Warframe, you can often find yourself loaded into a new mission type without a full explanation as to what it entails. It can also happen that you are loaded into the game with some veterans, who end up running at high speeds through the level, killing everything and performing the required actions to complete the mission. This can make it tough to learn what to do.

If you are new to the game, I would suggest running the various mission types on Earth in Solo mode. They are not too challenging on your own, and this will give you ample opportunity to learn the ins and out of each mission type. In this Extermination mission guide we will run through the basic things you need to know to complete this mission.

Extermination missions are one of the most common early mission types. For Exterminations, you are tasked with killing a set number of enemies in a level, then safely evacuating. The amount of enemies you need to kill will increase as you get further into the game and the mission difficulties increase.

Extermination Mission Guide

Upon loading into the mission, you will see a red marker on your HUD. This marker will always tells you the correct direction to go in order to find the next group of enemies. In the top left hand corner, under your map, you will see how many enemies you need to kill, and a running count of how many enemies you have killed so far.

Warframe - Extermination Mission Guide
Target MarkerTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Follow the red marker, killing enemies until you have reached the target number of kills. Once this has been achieved, the Lotus will advise you that it is time to leave. A green marker will now appear on both your map and your HUD. This green marker shows you where you need to go to extract from the mission. It is important to note that enemies do not stop spawning in once you have reached your target number of kills, so you will have to fight your way out of the area.

Warframe - Extermination Mission Guide
Extraction MarkerTL;DRGames • Fair Use

That’s it, Tenno! Extermination missions are quite simple and basic, so you shouldn’t struggle with this too much.

Tips For Beginners

Even though the goal of these missions is to kill enemies, the areas as still packed with important resources. Take the time to open lockers and chests, and farm any lumps of resources that you see in the area. As you progress through the game you will need these to build better weapons and equipment.

Warframes with large area of effect attacks make these missions a breeze. My personal favorite is Ember for the large amount of mobile damage that she can do.

That’s it for the Extermination mission guide, I hope you found this useful, Tenno!