Warframe – Plains of Eidolon Ghoul Purge Guide

The Ghoul Purge is an event in Warframe that happens on the Plains of Eidolon every few weeks. During a Ghoul Purge, the Plains of Eidolon become invested with Grineer Ghouls, and new Bounties are available from Konzu in Cetus. These Bounties can get you event specific rewards, so are well worth doing!

Ghoul Purge Bounties

Ghoul Purge Bounties

During a Ghoul Purge, Konzu will have two extra Bounties available, regardless of the time of day. One of those Bounties is Level 15-25 difficulty, while the other is Level 40-50 difficulty. Both bounties contain four stages that will have you completing various tasks across the Plains while fighting standard enemies and the Grineer Ghouls.

Ghoul Purge Rewards

During this event, you can obtain the Hunter Mod set. This is, by and large, an excellent set of Mods, and is certainly worth getting. Below you will find a list of the mods, and the bonus they offer at max rank.

  • Hunter Adrenaline: Convert 45% of Damage on Health to Energy.
  • Hunter Recovery: +30% Companion Lifesteal-link
  • Hunter Munitions: +30% chance to apply Slash status to an enemy on Critical Hit.
  • Hunter Synergy: +30% Crit Link
  • Hunter Command: Applying a Slash status to an enemy causes your Companion to attack them for 6 seconds
  • Hunter Track: +30% Status Duration
  • The Mods also have a set bonus. If using the full set, your Companion will do up to 150% extra damage against enemies affected by Slash status.

You can also earn Blueprints for weapons that are specific to this event.

  • Stubba (MR 7) – a compact submachine gun. High Critical Chance and Critical Damage, combined with a fast fire rate and a high capacity magazine.
  • Quartakk (MR 10) – A highly accurate rifle. High Critical Chance and good Critical Damage.

Finally, you can also earn Encrypted Journal Fragments that contain Lore about the event. This is all on top of the more standard Plains Bounties rewards, such as Cetus Wisps, Breath of The Eidolon, and other such rewards.

Make sure you check the rewards offered by each mission when you accepted them from Konzu, to ensure you are not grinding a mission that doesn’t provide the reward you seek.

Ghoul Purge Enemies

As well as the standard enemies you find on the Plains of Ediolon; you will also be fighting Ghouls. Ghouls are a dangerous enemy, especially for new players. When they die, they leave a cloud of poison gas behind them, and their attacks can be powerful.

  • Ghoul Expired – carries explosives in each hand, these will detonate if he attacks you.
  • Ghoul Rictus – carries a vicious buzzsaw, highly aggressive and dangerous.
  • Ghoul Devourer – massive and strong, will rapidly close distance to melee attack you.
  • Ghoul Auger – Armed with combination drills and flamethrowers, will tunnel underneath you for surprise attacks.
  • Alpha Ghouls – leaders of packs of Ghouls, they are enormously strong and tough to kill.

Now, while that sounds scary, once you play with a squad and can do missions on the Star Chart that have the same level, you should be fine. Remember, the event only lasts for a limited time, so if there is a reward you are looking for, be sure to grind it out sooner rather than later! Best of luck, Tenno!