Warframe – Interception Mission Guide


Interception missions seem to be the most confusing to new players of Warframe. In these missions you are tasked with intercepting coded transmissions from your enemies. The game plays out as a zone control mode, and there are certain small details that will help you easily succeed in these mission types.

If you are new to the game, I would suggest running the various mission types on Earth in Solo mode. They are not too challenging on your own, and this will give you ample opportunity to learn the ins and out of each mission type. In this Interception mission guide we will run through the basic things you need to know to complete this mission.

Interception Mission Guide

Interception missions play out as a zone control mode, with four zones that need to be controlled. At the start of the mission all zones are under enemy control, and the mission starts properly from the moment you try to take the first zone. The zones will be clearly marked by rings of light in the game, and by icons on your mini map.

Taking a zone occurs in two parts. First, you must stand within range of a zone to start capturing it. Initially the zone will show as being one hundred percent under enemy control, then count down to neutral. From there the zone will count back up to 100, but this time be under your control. If you leave the zone at any time before it turns neutral, it will remain under enemy control. If you leave the zone at any time before it comes fully under your control, it will remain neutral. Neither you nor your enemy benefit from a neutral zone.

The four different zones will be clearly marked on your map, and will have small icon (A through D) beside the map. These icons will flash when a zone is being contested. Keep a close eye on them to get early warning as to where your enemy is trying to capture.

The whole time this mission is playing, enemies will flood the area looking to control the zones. Kill them as quickly as possible to make your life easier.

Under your map are two bars, one for you and one for your enemy. The point of this mission is to get your bar to one hundred percent, while limiting the progress your enemy makes. To progress at a faster pace than your enemy you need to control more zones. If you can control all the zones, you will make swift progress while your enemy makes none.

Once you have hit one hundred percent, you will have the option to stay and play another round, but with tougher enemies. Extract will end the mission, and you can extract alone if the rest of your squad chooses to stay.

Warframe - Interception Mission Guide
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Tips For Beginners

Pay close attention to the icons beside your map, they will let you know which flags are being captured by your enemy.

If you are in a full squad, assign one person to each point, this makes this mission very easy until you get into the higher levels.

Warframes that have good movement speed and strong area of effect attacks are great for this mission type.

That’s it for the Interception mission guide, I hope you found this useful, Tenno!