Warframe – How To Kill The Razorback


During the Razorback Armada Invasion, players are tasked with taking out three Razorbacks. The first part of the quest involves building the Razorback Cipher, to get access to the mission. If you need help with that, check out our guide. The second part of the mission is to find and kill the Razorback itself.

This fight takes in a similar arena to the Jakal fight, and the Razorback looks quite like a souped up version of the Jakal. The difference is that this boss has shields that you cannot penetrate. Do not fear though, there is a way to fell the mechanical monster.

Killing The Razorback

The first step is to climb that walls onto the walkways at the front and back of the room. Up there, you will see some laser walls keeping Bursas at bay. You can hack these walls to let a Bursa into the room using the panels on the walkway.

Warframe - How To Kill The Razorback
Security PanelsTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Once the Bursa falls into the room, damage it and when it becomes prone, run over and hack it. This means the Bursa now fights for you. The Bursa will attack the Razorback, and with enough attacks will knock it prone. The proned boss can finally be damaged by players, so put as much damage into it as you can.

Warframe - How To Kill The Razorback
Bursa HackingTL;DRGames • Fair Use

Once this damage phase is over, the Bursas that you hacked will be destroyed, so it is once again time to climb the walls. Rinse and repeat until the Razorback has been defeated.

The Razorback can do considerable damage, so it is best to have as many people as possible freeing the Bursas. It not only means the boss gets dropped a lot quicker, it also means that one or two players are not being endlessly focused by laser and rocket fire from the beast.

You need to kill three in total to finish this quest and get your reward of 200,000 Credits and an Orokin Catalyst. I hope you found this guide helpful, Tenno! Be sure to check out our Warframe Guide Hub for any other help you need.