Warframe guide to fix Windows version, Camera rotation, Freeze, Crash, Update or signup failed & connection issues


No game has escaped crashes, how can Warframe be an exception to it. Warframe developed by Digital Extremes is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter game which is now available on Steam. It offers single and also can be enjoyed as a multiplayer game, which allows 4 players to play and cooperate. It can be one of the most interesting games if you engage with your friends. So to get out those Err… moments, here are the most simple solutions to the crashes which occur in Warframe.


Tell us in the comment section if you find them helpful and also if you are facing other sorts of crasges in Warframe.

Warframe Windows version specific error

Certain versions of Windows are unable to play Warframe for example Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, Windows Vista Home Premium service pack 2 and Windows XP Service pack 3, this issue was reported by players. Other than the mentioned versions the game seems to be running smoothly. The solution would be trying to launch Warframe through the Launcher in the Warframe folder and not through Steam.

Fix for Automatic Camera Rotation in Warframe

This may result from an hardware issue. Try to unplug it and reconnect or by recalibrating it.

Game freezes during voice chat in Warframe

Players face this problem wherein if they push c button to voice chat with other players, the ongoing game freezes. One of the solution is to refresh Steam. There is no valid solution for this crash, but you can change the computer’s settings such that the processor prioritizes Warframe and steam bootstrapper.

Unable to start download of Warframe

The only solution is to restart Steam. The download will start again.

Unequipping Physics

Since there is no option to totally turn off physics, you can unequip them.

Update failed

If the launcher fails to update your game and keeps displaying error messages then wait for sometime before trying again as this could be because of server overloads and will be solved on its own.

Cant login to launcher

After the game has been successfully downloaded you should restart Steam, if even this does not help you will need to restart your PC. Restarting the system will help you login to launcher.

Unable to access website for signup

This might again be a server overload issue. Wait for sometime and try to open the site again in another browser and wait for it to respond if you are not able to open the website.

Unable to connect online

If you are facing this issue you will first need to make sure that your PC’s firewall or security features are not blocking Warfram from connecting online. If the problem persists try to restart Steam, it will help you connect online.