Watch Dogs 2 Side Mission: Crime Hunt Walkthrough

 Watch Dogs 2 Side Mission: Crime Hunt Walkthrough

In Side Operation Crime Hunt, you will have to go to the location marked on the map to start the mission. The main is to find 3 shipments of counterfeit bills sand destroy them that belong to Auntie Shu Boys.

Watch Dogs 2 Side Mission Crime Hunt

The place is guarded, you can use Jumper to navigate into the area to know the places of guards. You can move slowly by taking down the guard one by one or you use the quad copter to control vehicles and distract the guards.

Watch Dogs 2 Crime Guide

To avoid any combat, you can try using jumper to burn the counterfeit bills cargo. All you need is to avoid any kind of interaction with guards. You can slowly use various passages through the inner walls, reach the target and burn it down. Leave the area after you are done.

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