Watch Dogs: Alternate Costumes Unlockable Guide With Images

Watch Dogs

In Watch Dogs, players take on the role of Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker and former thug, whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Aiden Pearce is the master of technology and fortunately Chicago the “Smart City” controls everything with the help of technology.

The default outfits that Ubisoft provided to Aiden looks pretty amazing and suits his personality perfectly. But are you guys aware, that there are additional seven unlockable outfits for Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs? Read our guide below detailing how you will be able to unlock all seven alternate costumes of Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs. We have also provided images of all the outfits in the guide.

Watch Dogs New Costumes Outfit

Two outfits out of seven gets unlocked when you successfully complete a specific task. This includes: “Black Viceroys” outfit.

Black Viceroys Costume:

Watch Dogs: Black Viceroys Alternate Costumes Unlockable

To unlock this costume, you need to successfully complete the pre-order “Signature Shot” DLC missions.

White Hat Hacker Costume:

Watch Dogs: White Hat Hacker Alternate Costumes Unlockable

Just complete all four Playstation exclusive missions and unlock this costume along with a hacking boost “One Battery Slot”

Rest of the costumes come with specific Watch Dogs edition, we have provided the details below for you:

Blume Agent Costume:

Watch Dogs: Blume Agent Alternate Costumes Unlockable

This gets unlock via Blume Agent Pre-order pack. The pack also provides a weapon boost which is Greatly Reduced Coil

DedSec Costume:

Watch Dogs:DedSec Alternate Costumes Unlockable

This gets unlock via “DedSec Shadow Single Player Pack”, and in addition to this, it also provides a hacking boost “One Battery Slot”

Untouchables Costume:

Watch Dogs: Untouchables Alternate Costumes Unlockable

This gets unlocked via The Untouchables Pre-Order Pack. The pack also provides access to Thompson submachine gun.

Chicago South Club outfit:

Watch Dogs: Chicago South Club Alternate Costumes Unlockable

This gets unlocked via “The Club Justice Single Player Pack” and additionally also gives a driving boost.

CyberPunk outfit:

Watch Dogs: CyberPunk Alternate Costumes Unlockable

This is unlocked through “The CyberPunk Single Player Pack”. The pack also gives the Cyberpunk gun.