Watch Dogs Complete List of Mini Games

Watch Dogs: World Map

You can earn more money by playing these mini games while playing Watch Dogs. There are so many that wont get bored easily. They add to the fun element of Watch Dogs. Here is the list of mini games from Watch Dogs:


If you go into the deserted downtown you will find only ctOS robots there. You must hack into their nodes to restore power to the whole Chicago city. Make use of stealth techniques to go unnoticed by these bots. IF you are successful the reward will be awesome.

Cash Run

watch dogs cash run

Avoid ghosts and collect coins, is the basic idea behind Cash Run. Collect as much as coins before the time runs out. You can increase your score by collecting coins faster, compared to your friends. Purple clocks add more time.


You can play two types of game in chess, one is the normal chess game and the other is a set of puzzles which you have to complete for Aiden, the protagonist of Watch Dogs. The puzzle game offers a limited number of moves and puzzle pieces. You can play many types of puzzles which include Capture puzzles, Survival puzzles, Path puzzles, and End Game puzzles.


watch dogs conspricy side mission

Chicago is under an attack from the Cyborgs, stop as many as you can before you run out of time. Find them by profiling people through your phone and attack them based on their weaknesses. they will identify you as their killer once you draw out your gun.

Digital Trips

This game allows you to enter the digital world with Aiden, a world which has no rules. You can get into 5 types of digital environments

Drinking Game

Booze lovers will enjoy this game the most, challenge others to drink till they can stand on their feet. The last person will take the prize money.


Watch Dogs Madness side mission

The objective is to get the highest possible score by crushing the demons and zombies that are free on the streets of Chicago. If blue headed demons you will get more points, use killstreak for a better score.


Watch Dogs NVZN

NVZN is an alien invasion game which can be activated through a cell phone. When Chicago city will be under alien attack do not forget to use Aiden’s “blaster” to eliminate the aliens. The weapons dropped by the aliens prove to be of great help as you wont have much ammunition.


Watch Dogs Poker

This is a game of Texas Hold’em you will play. You can easily see your opponent’s cards by using one of the the cameras. Your phone will help you to monitor the heartbeats or test your luck by playing a fair game. IF you want to verify if your friend are cheating or not, you can do so by profiling with them through your phone.


PSYCHEDELIC will lighten your mood any time of the day. Your aim is to go through the centre of the ring (with the help of control stick) hanging in mid air to score the highest point while you bounce from the flowers each time you land.

Shell Game

You need to have a sharp mind and clear vision to win this type of game. Shell Game is a three-cups-and-a-ball game. After shuffling the glasses, if your guess is correct you will get a handsome reward. IF you are not paying attention the dealer may cheat, so be careful!

Slot Machine

This will work like a normal slot machine. Add coins and pull the lever, repeat till your luck shines.


Watch Dogs Spider Tank

Take control of a spider like tank to create destruction. Continuously playing will help you unlock skills. Wait for sometime till the energy bar re-fills, if its getting low.