Watch Dogs Complete Walkthrough for Campaign missions – All Chapters

 Watch Dogs Complete Walkthrough  for Campaign missions – All Chapters

Watch Dogs Chicago City Comparison Screenshot

An amazing open world action-adventure title, Watch Dogs is out on all leading platforms. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs allows you to hack almost all the electronics of its Chicago city, through an interconnected network called ctOS. The lead protagonist, Aiden Pearce will seek revenge from those who were responsible for his beloved niece’s death.

Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs ctOS

ctOS is the central operating system of Chicago which is responsible for operating the all the electronics for example traffic lights, water activities and even surveillance cameras of the Chicago city. The Blume Corporation created ctOS and handed over to the government after a huge blackout which spread across American Northeast in 2003. BUt ctOS is run by private companies who manipulate it for their own benefits.

ctOS is so advanced that it can record and store every part of a person’s life and eventually calculate how that person will think. The main protagonist, Aiden Pearce, has the skills to hack into the ctOS and fully control it. He can also cause disruptions in mobile phones.

Watch Dogs Main Characters

The main protagonist of Watch Dogs is as we all know by now is Aiden Pearce, but he is not the only one. Here is the list of Watch Dogs characters, protagonist and antagonists.


Aiden Pearce

The lead protagonist of Watch Dogs whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Aiden Pearce is the master of technology and fortunately Chicago the “Smart City” controls everything with the help of technology.

Aiden Pearce Watch Dogs

Clara Lille

She is an ally of Aiden Pearce. They describe her as seductive and dangerous. She is as brainy as Aiden Pearce.

Clara Lille  Watch Dogs

Jordi Chin

Jordi will pull you out from a tight situation. When you need help or want to get certain things done, go to Jordi Chin. He is an important ally of Aiden Pearce.

Jordi Chin Watch Dogs

T-Bone Grady

Another technology master of Watch Dogs. T-Bone Grady grew up tinkering and hacking into things. He like to take up challenges and prove his worth.

T-Bone Grady Watch Dogs


Anthony “Iraq” Wade

Anthony Iraq Wade Watch Dogs

Dermot “Lucky” Quinn

Dermot "Lucky" Quinn

Bottom of the Eighth

You start off with cut scenes that will help you start with the story. Aiden Pearce, the lead character of Watch Dogs is attempting to hack into a network with the help of T-Bone, since cops notice him, he abandons the mission, later he is seen questioning Maurice about the killers of his family. Shoot him in the leg to scare him, he will attack you, perform a take down to knock him out. When you come out of the room more scenes will appear, in which you will see Jordi. He has created a distraction to get out of the whole situation, by calling the Police and also Maurice’s gang members. You will have to get out of the spot undetected. Take cover behind the huge crates and slowly keep moving left. Walk up on the slope to your left when cops are not looking.

Reach a big red door, it will be locked and you have to hack into the cameras located on the other side of the locked door. You will see a data line, follow it to the source by hacking each camera following the data flow line. When you successfully hack the source, the red door will open for you to get in. Takw cover behind the reception area. You should now distract a cop to clear the path. Throw lure behind the wooden desks for him to move in that area. Now run one level up through the steps. Sneak inside the room and through the other side unnoticed.

After a small phone call, hack into one of the security guard to get the access of the control room. From there you will be able to create a blackout in the stadium which will help you to get out of there. Run to your left by taking cover whenever you see a cop. Blackout will help you get out of the area unnoticed. When you get to a door, Jordi will call you and tell you that he has left a car in the garage area. Open the door and walk right past the people, hack a rich person from whom you can steel. Go out through the next door you see, go down on the pathway to your right. Stop a Taco Truck, pull out the driver and start driving. Follow the road and take a left to reach your hideout.

Big Brother

After a few cut scenes and a phone call from for BadBoy17, the next thing you have to do is, sleep. When Aiden sleeps, he will see the nightmare of how his niece died in the car. After you wakeup, go out of you motel room. You will notice a guy walking on the street, who is about to do some criminal activity. If you check the cameras, you will see that guy talking to the approaching girl. When the person’s criminal activity reaches 80%, cause a small explosion right behind him. Now run to catch him. Hit him and leave the area.

You can also hack people to know their card number and then hack the ATM machine and get more money. After Nichole’s and Jordi’c calls, steel a car and reach Nichole’s house. After a few cut scenes, you will understand that Nichole is getting crank calls from some unknown person. You have to know locate him. He will be on the move, follow him. Get his phone when you stop him, it will have his call recordings, you will know that someone was paying him to make those crank calls to Aidens sister.

BadBoy17 will give you the information that the other person made a call from the Loop district. Aiden decides to hack in to the ctOS of that part. BUt he needs more weapons. You will have to purchase the 416 assault rifel. Go to DB and R Weaponsmiths.

Backseat Driver

After you reach the ctOS Loop district, you will have to look for a guard with the access code. There are lot of guards in this area, create a distraction fro the guards by moving the fork lift. The guard who will just be standing by the wooden planks eating and having softdrinks, is the one with the access code.

Go to the device beside the guard who will be having a camera. Solve the combination locks to gain access into the ctOS of that area. Combination locks are very easy to solve and I do not want to spoil your fun by giving screen shots. If you are having difficulty with the combinations, feel free to post a comment.

After you hack into the ctOS, Aiden will ask BadBoy17 to locate the person who paid the other guy to call Nichole. Meanwhile, Jordi will ask you to complete a task for him, you have to take some unknown person to a location i.e. become his driver.

With the help of your map, reach the location and open the garage door. Get in the car, and drive till your escape is successful, mostly the cops wont notice you. When your pull up in an ally, Lucky Quin will kill the guy you brought in.

After a call from Jordi, BadBoy17 will call you and ask you to meet. During the cut scenes, BadBoy17 will reveal his identity. BadBoy17 is a girl named Clara.

Thanks for the Tip

After meeting Clara, you now have to reach the ctOS office plaza. Clara will tell you that all the deliveries are taken in from the underground section. Do not forget to add a silencer to your gun to avoid other guards noticing you. Get in through the shutter. Take cover and kill all the guards that come in your way with your silenced gun. Create as much as distraction as you can to scatter the guards, like use the forklift or open n close the floor panels. The unlock is on the wall to your right, hack it and open the door to get into the plaza from the parking lot. You will now reach the computer room and Aiden will call Clara.

Open the door to your left and find a guard with an access code. Find a guard named Mouritz Jeremiah, he is the guard with an access code. Hack him. NOw go to the first floor through the steps and into the first room to the left. Hack the unlock to get into the network. Solve the combination locks (Tell us in the comment section if you need screenshots.)

When you get access, you will see a guy talking on the phone. You have to hack his laptop, upload virus and give access to Clara. When you upload virus, the guy will notice that someone has hacked into the plaza and will give orders to shut all the doors. You need to get out of the plaza now. When you kill the last guard get out through the main door, Clara will give access to the Jam Cam, hack it and leave the stop to escape the police.

Your next mission will be ‘Thanks for the Tip’. You hav to find the mystery caller’s source through the ctOS box. You will see two data flow lines. GO to the ctOS box to gain access. Solve the combination locks. Once you gain access, you will see a room with Bellwether scribbled on the wall. Hack into the other cameras in the room. After a call from Damien Brenks, fixers will arrive at the spot where Aiden is standing at the moment. Kill all of them or escape the place. Killing them would be easier. Open the floor panels to take cover. When you successfully kill them, you will notice that Damien’s call has been traced to some location in a park. You will meet Damien Brenks during the cut scenes.

Not the Pizza Guy

After the cut scenes in the graveyard Jordi will call you and ask you to meet him at the roof top. After the cut scenes you have to reach the building to the opposite side, you will take the boat and get down on the dock. Hide behind the fence.

Kill all the fixers in the yard then locate the ctOS box to gain access into the building. After you get access, get inside through the opened fence door. During the cut scenes you will interrogate the fixer boss. He will tell you that the prison job is being done by Angelo Tucci. After you interrogate him the whole team of fixers will be upon you, even the choppers will be following you.

If you have the helicopter upgrade use to stun the helicopter for 30 seconds and try to escape form the spot. It will be the best to escape, if you kill the fixers, you might get killed, so for now try to escape. The mission will complete when you escape.

A Wrench in the Works

Clara will call Aiden and he will ask her to trace another person, Helena Tucci. Clara will tell you that she will be at the Willis tower. When you reach there go in the Connelly Square to find Angelo Tucci’s niece. Aiden hacks into her phone and ultimately discovers Angelo’s location.

Angelo will be on the move, chase him and try to explode his car if you have grenades. Then you objective will be killing Angelo’s allies or escape. They are a bit hard to shake-off off, so try to trick them into something, like go inside a narrow ally or switch cars and hide in new once etc… This mission will end when you escape successfully.

Dressed in Peels

In this mission, you are supposed to get inside the prison. Jordi will help you get in. During the cut scenes Aiden will get inside the prison as a prisoner and change his name in the database.

After the cut scenes, go on the lower level to access the network and view the exercise yard. Keep left and try to open all the metal doors by hacking them. You need to reach the top into the exercise yard. Hack into the ctOS box from the office by following the data flow line. Solve the combination locks (Tell us in the comment section if you need screenshots)

You now be able to see the exercise yard. Look for the guy named Raul Lionzo, he will be sitting near the concrete with the caution sign. Cops will move him to the basement. If you want know a few guards out, in order to get their gun then get into the elevator unseen.

The guards will notice you when you open the basement door. As soon as you kill the last guard, a special armed one will appear from the elevator. When you successfully kill all the guards go to the survivor and confront him. After the cut scenes you have to get out of the prison. Once out of the elevator, go left to the metal cage door and hack into the ctOS box yo open it. Come out in the premises of the prison and try to escape in a police car, you need to go as fast as possible and keep switching cars when you can to get rid of the chasing police.

Hold on Kiddo

After Damien Brenks calls Aiden, he will go and meet Damien. He wont show up, as he will be at Nichole’s house. Reach her house with the help of your map.

Damien has kidnapped Nickey, but not Jackson. You will locate him in a train. Go to the train station. Two fixers will be after Jackson, you have to take them down first. Dont get out of your vehicle, try to hit their car with yours.

When you are done, reach the next station and get into the train to meet Jackson and send him with Yolanda.

Breakable Things

Reach the ctOS control centre, Brandon Docks. Your objective is to get the access code from a guard. Open the shutter and go to the first floor. Hit a guard standing behind the desk so that you will get a clear view of the whole area through the wide window. when you hack cameras, look for the first huge circular pillar on the left, the guard with an access code will be standing on the well lit platform right in front of this pillar, holding a gun. Hack in and get the access code.

Next, hack the camera located in the office on which ctOS is written. Hack the ctOs box and solve the access combination pattern. You will not have to reach that place, only keep hacking through the cameras.

After you gain access, leave the area without being noticed. Casually go to the ground floor, get into your car and simply leave the area.

Aiden now wants to find a place named Racine. He reaches Racine Boat Restoration. You have to find he access code to get into Racine’s office. Use the cameras to find the person with the access code, he will be in the garage, standing on a high plank.

Get in through the gate, there are many fixers in the area. If you feel you cant get through, create a blackout to get more time and throw grenades if you have an upgrade. Go left and use the lift to get on the first floor. Jump in through the open window into the passage and hack the box to get in. If you check the cameras, you will see a man who kidnapped Nichole, escaping in a car. Follow him and hit him with your car, finally escape the fixers.


Start this mission at Aiden’s hideout. There will be attackers at Aiden’s hideout, after the cut scenes, you have to defend Clara from them. Try to kill as many men as possible, they will be all around the motel. Go up to the motel sign, it will be easier to take down the attackers from up here. When you kill the last person, a car full of more men will appear. Throw a grenade to destroy his car. Kill any more attackers you see.

Now you have to escort Clara back to her car. Go the back side of the motel and kill more attackers. Come back to where the motel sign was and explode the red car. It will cause a blackout. Try to reach the parking area. After Clara gets into her car, you steal another car and start driving to escape the area.

One Foot in the Grave

After Aiden meets Clara, follow her into the bunker. Aiden is looking for a guy called Tobias. When you profile another homeless, you will understand that Tobias is playing poker. There will be another fixer who will try to reach Tobias, you have to hunt him down before he reaches Tobias. Go through the steps and you will reach him faster. Now you need to either kill the whole of fixers backup or escape. Escaping will be easier. Make sure that you have the bridge upgrade, it makes escaping quick, else keep going as fast as you can through the alleys.

Try to get to the Poker game now. Go down towards the poker table. After a while Tobias will start running and will try to escape, catch him as fast as you can. During the cut scene Aiden will ask Tobias for the bridge’s remote.

A Blank Spot There-Ish

Go back to the bridge near the bunker. Cross the bridge and hack the blue lift to reach the upper floors. Go through the yellow ladders to reach the top level. Hack into the camera and into the ctOS box to open the metal gate. Explode the ctOS box and slide down through the plank to the generator, Aiden will turn the switch.

Come down with the help of the lift. You will see a bike, get down at a huge Stacking Crane. Climb up to the containers and hack into a camera and into the security box to open the metal gate. Get down to the other side and you will find one more generator. Go back to where your bike is. You will see a huge gate, you need to hack in to open it.

Hack into the cameras, and move a container, will will see the unlock box there. The gate will open when you hack into the unlock box. When you get inside use the yellow crane and go through the green container, you will find the third generator. Come out through the gate and open the huge red container. You can now enter the bunker. Go to the stairs on your right to power up the bunker.

The Wards

After the cut scenes, reach the ctOS control center, The Wards and find a guard with the access code. Hack through the cameras, you will find him behind the crates. From the main gates, go to the back of the building and climb upon the fence to get in. Get into the lift to reach up. Sneak and jump down to the lower level. Hack into the ctOS box and solve the combination locks. Create a blackout and get out of the area.

Jury Rigged

Enter the area by jumping through the fence, kill the fixers silently to avoid an hassle. Go left and you will find a security terminal, disable it. Go to the entrance of the building, you will find another security terminal there. Keep going straight and you will find the third terminal by taking a slight left. Now the gate is open, go straight and get in. Hack into the ctOS box and you are done, leave the area now. Go back to the bunker.

Grandma’s Bulldog

At the bunker, aftre you hack into the building, hack into the ctOS box and solve the combination locks. When you hack into the building, keep hacking the cameras. At the third floor you will find another ctOS box, hack into it and solve the combination locks. On the higher floor there will be another ctOs box again hack and solve the combination locks. You will see the room from where Damien’s IP address is coming from.

Not a job for Tyrone

Go near Bedbugs’s house and hack in to solve the combination locks, When he gets out of the house, follow him. He will get into a car and start conversing with Iraq’s cousin, soon Aiden will be ready with an idea to blackmail him. Follow him after he leaves his car. He will enter a restricted area, follow him by taking cover.

He will be talking with a guy named Rabbit, you have to help him escape from Bedbug. Explode a box located behind Bedbug, this will help Rabbit escape. Help him get out of the area, by helping him move behind the crates and sneak him out of the area. Now you leave the area and your mission will be complete.


Test the sticky bomb by throwing it on the ice-cream truck, then get to the Sienna Brick factory. Go into the factory and use the computer for information. Now you need to act really fast, as there will be a timer during which you have to set up an ambush for the viceroys.

First of all go straight and grab the IDE. Throw them in an open parking space, the area between the tracks, near the gate and the others randomly in the whole area. Now go straight up through the stairs and hide in the yellow crane.

After all the bombs explode, move the crane and kill the remaining Iraq’s crew. Hack into the phone of one of the viceroy to call Bedbug. There will be a guy escaping the area, you have to chase him and take him down. You now have to reach Bedbug’s location. Follow him.


Follow the man with a briefcase while hiding behind any cover that you find. He will later throw the briefcase on a boat, now you have to follow the boat.

You can take up a bike and follow it by road. When the boat slows down, turn your bike on the platform, and jump into the water. Swim till you get near the boat, to its right you will see a garage. Hack the door and get inside.

Inside this garage, swim right and climb up the yellow ladder. Go out through the door and quietly kill as many guards as you can. Keep going left in the marina and you will find the briefcase on a platform to your left. Now find your way to a stray boat and get in for a successful escape.

Stare into the Abyss

Hack into the ctOS box and solve the combination locks. Walk down to the entrance and create a blackout adn you can easily take down Crispin.

Now take a vehicle and reach the club. During the cut scenes Aiden will collect the VIP invite form Poppy’s room. No go to the reception collect the gun and get out of the area.

A Risky Bid

When you reach the auction, give them your gun and follow the guide. When you go in, you can hack the the intrude box located on the ceiling on your left and solve the combination locks. The guide will leave you at the bottom of a staircase, go up to find Iraq. You will see Quinn and Iraq talking. After you scan his dog-tag. Quinn will doubt your identity. Meet Poppy, she will ask you to go through the basement. Go straight into the basement. Knock the guard down and take his gun. Keep moving forward and find a yellow ladder.

Play stealthy to avoid attention. Go through the door when the guard is not looking. You will find a black bag containing weapons.

Hack and open the door. There will be a lots of action now. Try to explode things to kill the guards. There will be a ctOS box beside a white door hack into it to open the gate.

If you have a blackout upgrade use it to quietly kill the guards, else be stealthy and take them down one by one. Reach the bluish lift and get into it. Go up and take down as many guards as you can. Hack the shutter and get out through it. You will find more guards and a car, get into it before you get killed by those guards and escape the area successfully.

Role Model

Kill all the guards in the area silently. After you kill the last guards more of them will show up, use grenades for affective kills. Go up through the steps and hack the box to open the big metal door.

You will find Jacks in a room. Your mission will be complete after the cut scenes.

Planting a bug

Aiden will throw an electronic bug for Bedbug in the trash can. Reach the back of the area and get in by hacking a forklift.

Kill the guards silently and get inside the door with a data flow line. You will have to guide Bedbug through this mission. Guide him to the top most room which will have the data flow line connected. Hack the box and get in.

After you get inside, open the door to your right by hacking it the same way. Reach the server room and hack into the ctOS box. Solve the combination locks, be quick as this combination has a timer. If you run out of time, the combination will reset. No alarm will be raised. The second set of combination locks will have no timer so relax while solving these.

Open the door to the server room through the camera for Bedbug to get in. Iraq will find Bedbug in the server room. All you have to do now is escape the Viceroys and reach the bunker.

Way Off the Grid

Aiden needs to find a guy named Raymond Kenny to decrypt the information on he found from Iraq. Clara will find his last known location, reach that place. Kill the fixers quietly to avoid attention. Connect Clara to the computer who’s display will be on and kill more fixers till the download is complete.

Once the download is complete go near the computer to wipe the hard drive. One fixer will run away, chase him. Exploding the truck with a grenade launcher will do the trick. Now reach Pawnee.

Hope is a sad thing

Go into the marina and try to hack the computer. The computer will send a reset code to its manager. profile people in the surrounding area to get the reset code.A person named Beric, Milan will have the reset code. Get it and go near the computer again. Now you have to hack the ctOS tower.

Hack through the cameras and open the gate. You will see huge yellow antennas. Go up on the platform hack the antenna which will move the platform. You will see a wire fenced door.

Use the yellow ladder to go up. Reach the other platform and hack into the antenna to connect the platforms. There will be a lift, hack it to go down. Go through the staircase and explode to open the metal partition. Go up again, find another set of stairs in the ground, get in and hack the ctOS box.

Now reach Jed’s bar to look for Ray. After the cut scenes follow T-Bone in his yard. Take his gun and go to Pawnee Militia to get the Blume’s hardware. Reach the area and go up to the yellow steps on your right. Kill the guy at the top. You will get a clear view of the whole area. Try to take the fixers down from the top if you cant come down and kill them each. Get into the T-Bone’s Taco truck and leave. There will be people chasing you. Drop the truck off and escape the area.

A Pit of Paranoia

Follow the helicopter. It will lead you to the Blume HQ. Switch to the choppers camera and find the security guy. You need to kill him. Enter the area unnoticed and take down the first security chief. Reach the other side of the area and take down the other chief and escape the area.

Unstoppable Force

In this mission you have to take out the convoy before it reaches Blume. Get into a car and reach the spot. Take them down with the help of a grenade launcher, it will be easier. Then escape the area.

The Future is in Blume

Reach Blume and hack into the ctOS box with the help of cameras and get access. Enter the area and access the big ctOS boxes. Keep moving forward and hacking into ctOS boxes. Follow the data flow lines to track 2 boxes.

Now you have to break into the Blume’s network unseen. Hack into the box and solve the combination lock then into the Blume’s network to put in Ray’s virus.

You have to locate Demian’s meeting now, with the help of guard’s camera reach the passage and into the meeting room. Now get out of the Blume’s area.

For the Portfolio

Reach T-Bones hideout as soon as you can and kill the militia. To do that reach the yellow platform and activate T-Bone’s robots. Keep throwing IED’s at the militia. The follow T-Bone and reach the Bunker.

By any means necessary

Enter Rossi Fremont and create a blackout after talking to T-Bone. Get into the building and kill the viceroys with the help of explosions and your gun. Reach the server room and download all the data. After the cut scenes Kill Iraq and leave the area.

Someone’s knocking

All you have to do in this mission is solve the combination locks.

In plain sight

After you meet Damien, kill the fixer. Now you have to escape from the police.

The Rats Lair

Find the ctOS box, hack it and solve the combination lock. Now lead T-Bone out of the area by scanning through the cameras. Kill as many fixers as you can or escape the area. Escaping should be easier. Hide in some car and create a blackout, this will do the trick.

The default condition

You have to enter the Ambrose Theater without being noticed. Hack the other door and get in. Default will welcome you through a screen. Go into the club and profile guests to find default. You will find some guys who will sport a follow me profile. Hack the ctOS box through cameras. Solve the combination locks when you hack into the security room.

The D.J is default, he will create a blackout, chase him before the timer runs out. Follow him through the huge steps and then yellow ladder. Chase him on the roof and keep him in range. Then chase him to download his data. Once you are done with that, take him down.

Little Sister

Hack into the network and find Nicky. In the room where she is kept explode to take the guard down and then hack into his phone to talk to Nicky. Now you have to guide Nicky to the car just like you did for Bedbug. When you seethe car through your camera, open the door and then ask Nicky to get in and she will drive through the open door. Now you have to escape the area or kill all the fixers.

Escaping will be easier, if you are doing this mission at night, create a blackout and swim through the water to get away, be stealthy and get out without being noticed.

Ghosts of the Past

Get Nicky and Jacks and try to escape from the police.

No Turning Back

Reach the Merlaut Hotel and hack into the ctOS box to know more about Quinn. Follow him and the Mayor through the cameras. Then you have to access the Hotel’s network and disable the security camera. To do that hack in the box and solve the combination locks. When you get into the camera room hack and disable the security.

Now get into the hotel and through the door on your left. Then use the elevator to reach Quinns office. After the cut scenes kill all the guards or escape. Then find Quinn by hacking the cameras and profile him. After the cut scenes access his pace maker and kill him then download a video for T-Bone and escape the hotel. Locate Clara and try to rescue her.

Sometimes You still Lose

Reach the bunker. After the cut scenes and Damien’s call locate him.

But first you have to enter the ctOS centre. Hack into the box and solve the combination locks to try and get access. Now you need to install T-Bone’s virus into the ctOS at three different locations.

Damien will try to confuse you, so try to remember those three locations and reach them. The police will be following you to each location, you need to escape from them. After uploading the virus reach the ctOS centre and hack the box to solve the combination locks. You will be able to get through this time. After shutting the system reach Damien. Use the forklift to go up and find Damien.


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