Watch Dogs Complete Weapons List including Special Weapons

Watch Dogs: World Map

Watch Dogs has its own set of amazing weapons which will add an interesting dimension to your gameplay. Watch Dogs comprise of more than 30 weapons along with special weapons which can be unlocked after you complete few tasks, all of these weapons can be roughly sorted in four different categories which include handgun, shotgun, assault rifle and heavy. You can easily choose a weapon to suit the situation through a dedicated interface.

Watch Dogs Special Weapons

Go through the list of special weapons, which can be unlocked by completing certain requirements:


Chrome is a high powered revolver, which can be unlocked when you stop twenty crimes.


If you manage to stop sixteen criminal convoys, you can unlock this weapon.


This will unlock after you complete seventeen QR codes.

Spec Ops Goblin

This is a silent assault rifle which can be unlocked when you complete nine weapons trade missions.


An accurate assault rifle, it will unlock after you successfully solve the cases of six missing persons.

List of Watch Dogs Normal Weapons:


  • Baton
  • Fist
  • IED (Thrown)

Handguns/ Pistols

  • 1911
    • Watch Dogs weapon 1911
  • Spec Ops 1911
  • 92-FS
  • D50
  • M8M
  • P-9mm
  • Px4
  • MP-412
  • Mp-9MM
  • R-33
  • D50
  • R-2000
  • M8-M

Sub-machine guns

  • Cyberpunk gun
  • OCP-11
  • SMG-11
  • Tommy Gun
  • Vector .45 ACP
    • Watch Dogs weapon Vector
  • Spec Ops SMG-11


  • ATSG 12
  • D12
  • SG-590
    • Watch Dogs weapon SG590
  • SGR-12
  • M-104

Assault rifles

  • 416
    • Watch Dogs Weapon 416
  • 417
    • Watch Dogs Weapon 417
  • Adaptive Combat Rifle
  • AK-47
    • Watch Dogs weapon Ak47
  • ACR
  • Goblin
  • MP5
  • Biometric Assault Rifle
  • M-468

Sniper/ anti-materiel rifles

  • M107
    • Watch Dogs weapon M107
  • SR-25
  • AC-AR
  • SVD

Grenade Launchers

  • G106
    • Watch Dogs weapon G106
  • GL-94