Watch Dogs: Tips and Tricks to successfully Hack or Invade another player

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Invading or hacking another player is not an easy task in Watch Dogs, you often end up being caught too foolishly. It is one of best innovative gameplay is developed by Ubisoft for Watch Dogs and overall it tests your skills, patients, expertise and your ability to disguise as hacker. If you find Hacking or Invading another players boring in Watch Dogs then you should accept the fact you are not enjoying the core play of Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs Hacking another player

To successfully Hack another person and get your bar to 100% you should follow following tips:

Don’t be a show off, behave like NPC

Most often you end up doing some foolish tricks like walking behind the target, standing on walls or cars. Driving cars like an NFS player and doing too much of noise which makes it obvious for another player to spot you. Be normal, find your spot away from player, obey traffic signals, utilize full Circle of area to find the best spot for you.

Look like a NPC

I’ll suggest you get a normal looking car instead of High class unique car, something like Cavale Taxi Cab would be smart choice. In short be a smart instead of hero, that’s what hackers do. Think like a hacker and behave like NPC.

Use cameras

Using cameras is very essential during hacking another player. Cameras will help you to figure out player’s current position, also a safer spot for you. Remember at a time, only one player can occupy a camera so find a place where only one camera is present and just hack it to occupy, keep yourself sitting low profile and another player won’t be able to use that camera to spot you.

Always take your time

Don’t rush things, if you do then you’ll be visible easily as NPC’s hardly does things in rush like they don’t run too much, just take normal walks instead of running. Be in line, don’t walk in the middle of the road, don’t stand in front of a moving car, don’t hack traffic signals and cause accidents until you really need to, which gives clear idea of some hacker being present near the traffic signal. After spotting a target, go to a remote place and initiate your hack and behave like NPC for next 60 seconds to push hacking bar to 100%.

Always keep your distance

Distance is the key to everything, keep safe distance between you and your target so that he can’t spot you easily. Don’t stay at one location, try to figure out which area he has searched already (Use cameras) and that place becomes safer for you, he will hardly be able to search one place twice in single minute.

Use distraction to protect yourself

If you feel that your target has reached too close to you then using distraction is your best alley instead of running away and making it easy for target to spot you. Use traffic signals, blow up fuse boxes or steam pipes and when your target is distracted just move to the opposite side or location which he already went through, don’t go towards the distraction you created. You can also use balckouts to protect yourself like a Batman, sometimes darkness is your only alley in Watch Dogs.

Share your ideas in comments too to make Watch Dogs hacking experience awesome.

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