Watch Dogs Guide to Understand and Fix Windowed mode settings for Windows 7 or Windows 8

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It was very annoying when I started playing Watch Dogs on my Windows 7 PC and it was always getting started in Windowed mode only except the first time. However there are settings that you can change in the game menu for it, go to display and you’ll find options to change display mode to full screen or windowed.

Watch Dogs

But there is something wrong which triggers to reset it to window mode, so i figured out the following :

Problem statement: Watch Dogs runs in Windowed mode only

If you face this issue where you find Watch Dogs is running only in Windowed mode even after you change settings in-game, then do following:

  • (For Windows 7) Go to “C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Watch_Dogs\*\GameProfile.xml” (Or figure out where GameProfile.xml is stored in your PC) and open this GameProfile.xml in text editor like Notepad.
  • In <RenderProfile….</RenderProfile> change WindowMode parameter value to 2 (i.e WindowMode=”2″), launch Watch Dogs, it should work fine.

Or you can also:

  • <RenderProfile….</RenderProfile>, remove this entire tag, don’t worry when you start game again it will regenerate it with required settings and Watch Dogs will run in full screen and no more Windowed mode.

Run Watch Dogs in Windowed mode

If you want to Run Watch Dogs in Windowed mode, then again in <RenderProfile….</RenderProfile> tag find property name WindowMode=”2″, set it to 0 or 1.