Watched – Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Watched is DedSec fight against FBI who is keeping a watch on all the members. Marcus enters FBI office, retrieves vital information.

Peeping Toms:

Meet DedSec members at Thalassa Bar. It is quiet ahead in the city, you can use fast point of drive all the way towards it. Once you reach a new cut scene begins.

Locate who’s spying on DedSec:


Just across the area there is someone is keeping a watch on DedSec. The objective is to locate the person. Use NetHack view to locate the person from a range.

Download the Data from Spy:


Try to reach near to the spy. You will need to move quietly to download the data. You cannot be noticed. Climb the roof of houses around. When you reach near the download will begin. Stay hidden till you get all the data downloaded.


Use electric shock to take down the guards coming towards you. It is a tough mission, but if you stay hidden you can make out of it. Once done get out of the area to skip the pursuer.

Meet Wrench in Cafe:


Once you skip the pursuer use the map to reach the cafe. So it is a long drive through. You can try locating a fast travel point for the next cut scene.

Select Cabbie for Hire in the Driver SF App:


Use the app to select Cabbie for Hire. The next step is to get the vehicle to pickup Miranda. Follow the screen marker to find the car and follow the screen marker on map to reach Miranda. This will trigger next cut scene.

Drive Miranda to her mother’s House:

Take her to mothers house till the time she will have conversation with Marcus in the cab. This one is a short objective. And once you reach at the end, wait for the cut scene.

Gain Access to Dellums Tower:


The next objective is to reach Dellums Towers. Follow the map. You will need to reach a roof top, to land into a cTOS junction box to hack it. Then reach near the telephone for the next cut scene.

Investigate the FBI:


The building at the front is heavily guarded. The objective is to investigate by reaching the FBI floor. You can use the code that you get through pay-phone. Go to the elevator and reach the FBI Floor and reach the roof top. Solve the puzzle to get connected to the servers.

Plant a transreceiver on the antenna:


The next objective is to simply plant a receiver to the same. And then wait back. Wrench will send you next location, where you will need to access FBI Server

Download the spying post data from FBI Server:


Follow the marker on the screen to reach the server. You will have to get don first and follow the marker to reach the place. Hack the junction box.


Use the NetHack to find the access key which is in the main office, with one guard. Get to the server and download the data. The final objective is to get out of the building. Go to the elevator and use the jumper to hack the junction box to unlock the door that will take you to back exit and drive to the Antenna

Reach the Antenna:


Drive towards the Antenna for the next objective to plant a transreceiver on the antenna. Solve the puzzle. Follow the floor and walk around to get proper connection for hacking the antenna. Climb to part also. Josh

Infiltrate the FBI Hideout:


The next objective is to infiltrate the FBI Hideout to get Wrench mask back. It is a heavily guarded area, so you will need to walk silently from the left part. There are motion detectors in the area. Use Nethack view to locate traps.


Towards the roof on the right part you can use Jumper to get access key so that you can easily enter the area. You will need to accomplish two objectives. First is to get the mask, and second is to download the FBI data. Use the hack box in the area to get a view of the area. Take down two guards, hack the junction box. Reach the server to get the data. Exit the area. Give the mask to Wrench.

So this was the end of Chapter 9 Watched, you can read the Chapter 10 Eye for an Eye. Or else you can refer to our Watch Dog 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough, tips and tricks and many updates on the game.