Weapons And  Armor Customization in Nioh


In the Nioh, you can customize your weapons, Armors etc by using the Blacksmith. Customization allows you to change the appearance, add new effect and upgrade the Weapons and Armors. The following guide shows how to customize the weapons and armors in the game.

How To Customize Weapons and Armors in Nioh:

In order to customize, you need to unlock the Blacksmith option and to unlock the Blacksmith option you need to complete the Isle of Demons mission. You need to head to the starting point of the mission on the map to access the Blacksmith option.

In order to Upgrade Weapons and Armors, you will have to use any another powerful weapon which you don’t need any more. Go to the Blacksmith menu, select Soul Match, keep the weapon you want to upgrade in the section Base and keep the weapon you are using to upgrade in the Material section. When you keep the both items, you can see which bonuses your weapon will be getting once it gets updated. If you get the desired option, go ahead and click on Soul Match to upgrade the weapon.

In order to craft Weapons and Armors, you need to go to the Blacksmith option and select Forge then choose from options of Weapons, Armor and Tool. After choosing, scroll to find your desired item, highlight it to check the material you need on the right and as well as check the price below the list of materials, if you have all the materials select the item to craft. If you don’t have all the materials, go back to the Blacksmith menu and select the Disassemble option. Here you can use your old weapon to get the material. Once you select any item, it shows you, what will you be getting when you disassemble the item on the right.

In order to change Armor appearance, go to the Blacksmith menu, select Refashion, keep the armor you want to refashion in the upper section and select the armor you want to use for refashion in the lower section. Then you can see the armor on the right, how it will look once it changes, if you liked the changed one, click Refashion to get the new looking armor.

In order to Reforge, select any item from menu to reforge then you will see list of special effects that the item is having in the next menu, choose any effect from the list then check the cost for reforging at the bottom on the right and click Reforge to new special effect to your item. You can re-toll one of the special effects of the item.