How To Unlock All New Weapons In The Frozen Wilds DLC

The Frozen Wilds DLC adds a new story in the game where Aloy visits a new region under Banuk Tribe to hunt for answers and deal with fresh new challenges. With the new story, there are some new weapons in the game that comes with upgrades. By modification, you can boost the weapon power to drive out lethal stroke on enemies. In this guide, you can find list and info on those new weapons.

Frozen Wild Weapons

Where To Find New Weapons In The Frozen Wilds


Banuk Stormslinger

Stromslinger is found in The Shaman’s Path Main Quest of Frozen Wilds. While playing the quest you will came across this powerful weapon that you can later upgrade and improve to get more damage. at the initial stage, it offer 70 Handling power with 340 impact and 23 shock damage. The weapon can fire charged bolts, you can shoot multiple attacks by building up larger charge. This will also increase the damage. You can also fire powerful charged bolt, but remember by overcharging the weapon the user can face shock damage.


Forgefire Frozen Wilds

For getting Forgefire you will have to reach the northern part of the map, and then you will have to find and defeat Ohlgrud. He is the bandit lord who has this weapon. After defeating the Bandit Camp quest also completes. In the end, you will get a Bandit Leader’s Weapon Box, this box has Forgefire. You can play further to improve the weapon. At the initial stage, the weapon comes with 70 handling, 113 Fire, and 720 Impact. You can increase this by upgrades. The weapon can shoot flames in a short range that can cause high damage due to fire. You can enhance the weapons secondary attack by using Fire Buster Shots that take a long charge time, but it can offer you a dual long-range benefit.


Icerail Frozen Wilds

Icerail can be found in the Main Quest of Frozen Wilds, The Werak. As you complete the quest you will receive a Banuk Weapon Box in the end, inside this box you will get the weapon. It is also among the most powerful weapon in this game. With upgrades, the weapon can offer the high amount of damage. it comes with 70 handling and 113frost damage. This can be extended with modification. The weapon can shoot ice attack in a short range that can cause freezing damage. With the improved secondary attack, you can use the Ice Cannon. This takes a long time to charge, but it can cause a relatively high amount of damage.

Powershot Bow:

Powershot Bow Frozen Wilds

Powershot Bow can be purchased for 16 Bluegleams from the merchants in the Cut. You will have to locate the vendor, as they are in different locations. You can spot them on the map, you will have to find the one that will give you the weapon. The weapon comes with 80 handling and 3 modification slots. The bow specializes in Sharpshot Bow, you can charge them up for more damage. With proper modification, you can use this bow best in short range combats.

Striker Bow:

Striker Bow Frozen Wilds

Striker bow is another bow in Frozen Wilds. The bow can offer to charge up for powerful shots. It comes with 80 handling and has three slots. You can buy it for 16 Bluegeam by one of the merchants in the new area. The weapon falls under the Very Rare category, you can simply draw out the bow and hold it for the longer time to charge the arrow. In this way, you can cause the higher amount of damage.

Champion Bow:

Champion Bow Frozen Wilds

Champion Bow is also available through the merchants in the Cut for 12 Bluegeam. This weapon handling is 50 and it comes with three slots. You can build up the power by holding it drawn and then aim to cause high damage to the enemies.

So these are new weapons you can find in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC, you can read our The Frozen Wilds DLC Wiki for more such guides and updates.