What Are The Best Mods To Get Powerful Weapons In Horizon Zero Dawn Guide

 What Are The Best Mods To Get Powerful Weapons In Horizon Zero Dawn Guide

In the Horizon Zero Dawn, the Mods give the boost to the stats of the different weapons and outfits. Mods can be used to make the weapons and equipment into specialized destroying tool. There are mostly three types of weapons are found like uncommon, rare and very rare. Mods can have different bonuses. The following guide shows how to get the best Mods to create the Powerful weapons in the game.

Weapons And Outfits Mod - Horizon Zero Dawn

Weapon Mods – Horizon Zero Dawn:

  • In the Horizon Zero Dawn, the weapons are having slots for the Mods, the slots increase by unlocking the more powerful weapons.
  • According to the weapon equipped, Mods get different benefits and rarities as bonus. It is the best idea to make each weapon a master of one particular damage.
  • There are three Mods commonly found, Green mods are uncommon, blue mods are rare, and purple mods are very rare. Unlocking the Tinker Skill allows you to build more Mods.
  • The Mods are having different types of bonuses like environmental bonuses which include fire, shock and tear damage etc and others offers damage bonuses.
  • The standard bonuses for mods are rare find so grab them whenever you get a chance. While adding boosts to Hunter Bow, go for the damage boosts as the bow will be used mostly in combats.
  • Since many machines are vulnerable to the fire arrows, using fire mods is the better option and also use tear mods to any of the weapon to make the more damage to the machines.
  • It is to better to equip one weapon with one specific damage than having random. So use the Sharpshot for tear damage, War Bow for fire damage and Hunter Bow for general damage.

Outfit Mods – Horizon Zero Dawn:

  • The Outfits can be used for damage resistance and stealth boost and can be equipped with specials mods. It is better to have specified features for Outfits.
  • You can use fire elemental resistant outfits if you are battling such elemental weapon equipped machines and you can use the stealth Outfit when you are infiltrating the enemy’s base.
  • Having different Outfits for different purposes can help you a lot in the game.

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