What does Efficiency do in Minecraft, and how to get it?

For when you’re mining needs a speed boost.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft enchantments are always valuable effects to add to your items when you can. Even if it is a lower level, you will likely want to consider enchanting your items to get the most out of them. The Efficiency enchantment will probably be one you see more commonly on enchanted items, but with that in mind, what does it do?

What does Efficiency do?

Efficiency is an enchantment that can be added to a pickaxe, axe, hoe, or shovel. When added, it will allow that tool to work through the specific block types it is designed for faster. For example, pickaxes will dig through stone faster, shovels through dirt, and axes through wood. Using that tool on the wrong block will break as fast as it would normally break with your fists.

There are five levels of Efficiency, with each one being faster than the last. Additionally, an axe with Efficiency has a 25-45% chance of disabling a shield an enemy is holding depending on its enchantment level.

How to get Efficiency?

To get the Efficiency enchantment, you can use an Enchantment Table, but this will only offer up to level four on Stone and Diamond tools. You can combine other tools with the same enchantment to level it up later at an Anvil. Additionally, level five Efficiency diamond tools can be found in End Cities or Bastion Remnant chests.