What Exotic Armor and Weapons Am I Missing in Destiny 2?

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If there’s one thing that keeps Destiny 2 players coming back, it’s the game’s loot system. While the randomness can be aggravating, it does ensure that players return on a weekly basis to grind out Milestones in search of that elusive Celestial Nighthawk exotic, or the Curtain Call rocket launcher. In case you’re wondering which weapons to keep an eye out for, be sure to check out our Best Kinetic Weapons, Best Energy Weapons, and Best Power Weapons guides.

What am I missing?

The first step any inspiring collector must take, is to take stock of what they already own. Destiny 2‘s vault system does offer a Collections tab, but it’s not terribly useful. Unlike the rest of the vault. That was sarcasm; the vault sucks.

Fortunately, the developers at Bungie in charge of the mobile Destiny 2 Companion app, did a much better job. The middle tab at the bottom will show you a list of Collections for each of your characters. This is the perfect place to see what Exotic Weapons you have, and which you are still missing. Those you still need will be grayed out slightly.

What Exotic Armor and Weapons Am I Missing in Destiny 2?
Exotic Weapons Collection • Destiny Companion App • Fair Use

The Exotic Armor collection is a little bit more tricky to wrap your head around, given the fact that the app only shows you the armor for the specific class you’re looking at. You did create one character for each class, right?

What Exotic Armor and Weapons Am I Missing in Destiny 2?
Exotic Armor Collection • Destiny Companion App • Fair Use

In the image above, I’ve combined the listing of Exotic Armor items for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes.

What about Legendary Items?

The amount of Exotics in Destiny 2 is limited, and one cannot call themselves a serious collector without at least attempting to complete some Legendary sets. The Companion App is not very useful in this regard. Fortunately, there are plenty of online resources that were created for this very specific purpose.

Personally I like Destiny Sets, a site that lets you connect via your Bungie account and will then show you all the Legendary armor and weapon sets, and how your collection stacks up. Everything is broken out by category, vendor, and location. As you can see from the screenshot below, I’ve got a lot of work to do in the Factions department. Not only is this a great way to manage your collection outside of the vault, but each item is also linked to Destiny DB, where you can review its characteristics.

What Exotic Armor and Weapons Am I Missing in Destiny 2?
Faction SetsDestiny Sets • Fair Use

So the next time you find yourself wondering “Do I already have this?” or “Where can I get this?”, be sure to consult these resources. They’ll also make you appear as quite the experienced and well-versed Destiny 2 player, and who doesn’t love that?