What is the trading distance in Pokémon Go?

Trading is a bit limited.

Image via Niantic.

You and other players have the opportunity to trade Pokémon with each other in Pokémon Go. Because this is a mobile game, it’s a bit easier to connect and engage in that trade than it was on handheld Nintendo products where you had to connect a wire to sync up. Even though Pokémon Go is a mobile game, there are some restrictions to how trading works, and one of those restrictions is the amount of distance between you and another player.

Whenever trading with another player, you have to make sure they are on your friend’s list. You cannot trade with random players in Pokémon Go unless you add them to that list.

What is the standard trading distance in Pokémon Go?

The normal trading distance players have to be under in Pokémon Go is 100 meters or 300 feet. It’s not a huge distance so you can be in the same apartment complex or the same building as another trainer. Don’t expect to text your friend that lives across town and be able to trade with them.

The trading distance is extended during special events, making it much easier to trade with friends across town.

What is the extended trading distance in Pokémon Go?

Typically, during special events, Pokémon Go developers will extend the standard trading distance to 12, or sometimes even 40, km. A single km is equal to about half a mile, so respectively this extends trading to six miles, or 24.8.

The special events typically notify all players when the trading distance has been extended. You can check out the Pokémon Go blog page to see the exact distance for the event and how long you have. For example, on Friendship Day on April 24 from 11 AM to 2 PM in your local time zone, trainers will be able to trade with other players that are 40 km (24.8 miles) away from each other. You can also check out the Pokémon Go twitter page to receive direct notifications when this happens in the future.

The trading distance does not always extend for every event, so don’t routinely expect it to happen for the many weekly events in Pokémon Go.