When will Xbox and PlayStation crossplay be available in Rainbow Six Siege?

Better late than never, right?

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The beginning of 2022 marks Rainbow Six Siege’s sixth year on the market as one of the most enduring live service titles. As the gaming industry standardizes crossplay, Rainbow Six Siege has some catching up to do. With that said, it is coming sooner than you think.

During the summer of 2021, Ubisoft unveiled that Rainbow Six Siege would be getting crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation consoles in early 2022, along with cross-progression between all platforms. According to the Ubisoft website, this early 2022 release window is still on track, with the post being published in November 2021. This means console players are only weeks away from discovering an exact date. The Ubisoft post doesn’t distinguish between console generations because crossplay includes Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. 

Ubisoft likely decided to separate crossplay between consoles and PC due to Rainbow Six Siege’s precision gunplay in which deaths come swiftly. With such limited aim assist on consoles, online matches would heavily favor PC players. The PC version has another advantage through the lean function, which can be enabled without aiming down sights. For these reasons, you’re not likely to ever see PC and consoles in the same match.