Where to find Aerondight Sword Location Guide – Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

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The Final major expansion of Witcher 3 – Blood and Wine features an extraordinary Relic sword with the Highest damage output. In order to unlock this sword you must complete the 5 virtues of Toussaint and with the good deeds, you are rewarded with this Legendary Silver Sword by Mysterious Lady of the Lake. This Sword Location Guide will show you how exactly to get Aerondight Silver Sword in Witcher 3.

Where to find Aerondight Sword Location

Where to find Aerondight Sword Location

In you DLC adventure you will come across various quest and side quest, but you complete all 5 task and maintain the high standards of the local knights to earn this Legendary Silver Sword – Aerondight. To know which five virtues to complete you must meet the Duchess Anna Henrietta in ‘The Beast of Toussaint’ quest. After speaking with her you will know that the five virtues you need to complete are:

  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Honor
  • Valor
  • Wisdom

Note: We recommend to save your file after each quest and keep a track of it and even if you miss your chance then check out the below-listed quest you need to complete.

There are plenty other ways to get the Legendary Sword like importing the last two game(Witcher 1 and 2) save files which had this sword then buy it from Hermit. So without any further ado let’s look at the quest and how to complete it. You will Get the Legendary Aerondight Silver Sword during ‘There Can Only Be One’ quest which can be accepted from the Notice Board of Toussaint, but this quest will only be available only if you managed to complete the 5 tasks and you embody the five virtues. Here are the list of 5 task and how to complete.


You need to Spare Shaelmaar Beast during ‘The Beast of Toussaint’ quest


While Exploring the City of Beauclair after ‘The Beast of Toussaint’ quest you will find a child messenger who will provide you ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ quest. You need to give the child a Tip.


During ‘Warble of a Smitten Knight’ quest in Tourney Ground, you must talk to Guillame in the Medical Tent. Here you must choose to Duel your opponent and win to gain the virtue.


During ‘Warble of a Smitten Knight’ quest, you’ll be tracking the paramour in the forest so while returning you must choose to complete the Tourney.


While progressing in your Main Story Quest you will come across ‘La Cage Au Fou’, here you need to explore and investigate the Wight’s lair before hiding in the Wardrobe. Now examine the table and the Cauldron then choose to lift the curse.

After completing all the five task and gaining the virtues, its time to return to the Hermit in the lake west of Corvo Bianco and you will find a Mysterious Lady of the lake appearing and reward you with the Legendary Silver Sword – Aerondight.