Where to Find all 5 Power Armor Location in Fallout 4 Guide

 Where to Find all 5 Power Armor Location in Fallout 4 Guide

Players are been searching for different Power Armor and their upgrades in Fallout 4. So we decided to prepare a single guide will all the Armor location marked instead of hunting for the Armor across the Wasteland. Without any further ado let’s begin with this Fallout 4 Power Armor Location Guide.

Fallout 4

The Power Armor is a type of Energized suit used to power up your strength and it also requires a Fusion Core in order to use it. Using the Power Armor will increase your Strength to a great extent, but it also makes you slow because of the weight it carries. You can upgrade your Power Armor with different Mods at any Power Armor station. Let’s check out all 5 Power Armor, their Location, Resistance, and Upgrades.

Types of Power Armor

Raider Power Armor

The Raider Armor is known as the weakest Armor in the game as this armor can only be used against the Raiders. This Armor will generally spawn at the suit spawn so you can grab it from there.

  • Upgrades: 2
  • Armor: 620
  • Energy Resistance: 250


T-45 Power Armor

This is the First Armor you will come across. It will be found at the Roof of the Museum in Sanctuary. This Armor works great, but the only thing it lacks is the Fusion cores.

  • Upgrades: 6
  • Armor: 1000
  • Energy Resistance: 910


T-51 Power Armor

With the help of some T-45 pieces, you can get a decent start with the T-51 and once you finish with the Armor Set T-51 is a Hardcore Suit to be used against the enemies.

  • Upgrades: 6
  • Armor: 1340
  • Energy Resistance: 1090


T-60 power Armor

you need to retrieve the Set to Build this Armor once the Brotherhood has arrived. This is the second best Armor in the game and you can use them to fight against the Super Mutants with ease.

  • Upgrades: 6
  • Armor: 1580
  • Energy Resistance: 1245


X-01 Power Armor

One of the Rare and the Best Armor in Fallout 4 is the X-01. Nearly makes you indestructible with a very high percentage of Armor and energy resistance which makes you work like a Walking Tank.

  • Upgrades: 6
  • Armor: 1820
  • Energy Resistance: 1390


Location to Power Armor Pieces

We are going to share this location where there are 90% chances of the Armor pieces spawning, but if you are looking specifically for X-01 then you must cross 30 and above level for the Pieces to start spawning. You can visit these places any point of time and make sure you are ready with your Skills like Picklocking and Hacking.

Note: There are chances that you might find the whole set of the Armor instead of Pieces(depends on your SPECIAL stats).

Location 1: The Prydwen (Brotherhood of Steel Airship)

Fast Travel to Prydwen and head towards Proctor Teagen you will notice the Helmet behind him.

  • Skills Required: Master in Lockpicking or Hacking
  • Armor Piece: X-01 Helmet


Location 2: Energy Turbine 18-F

Climb the Hill nearby and you will notice two military APC’s and a Plane Crashed. Here entire Armor Suit is Spawned(if Lucky).

fallout-4-power-armor-location-2.jpg fallout-4-power-armor-location-2-1.jpg

Location 3: Abandoned Shack(Installation K21-B)

Use your Pip-Boy and head exactly north of the Crater of Atom to find the Abandoned Shack. Once you have reached the location you will find the hatch on the floor is locked so try the other way to reach the ground floor where few Synths are waiting. Some players have found a full set of X-01 here and other have found just the pieces. So try your Luck.

  • Skills Required: Radiation Protection and Ability to kill Synths


Location 4: National Guard Training Yard

This is a very lucky location for Power Suits as there will be two Suit spawning at the same place. First one inside the shipping container and other is within the armory itself.

  • Skills Required: Expert in Lockpicking and Master in Hacking

fallout-4-power-armor-location-4.jpg fallout-4-power-armor-location-4-1.jpg

Location 5: Finch Farm

Near the Military Transport at the Finch Farm is a Green Truck and inside the same truck is the Suit.


Location 6: Goodneighbor (Big Dig Quest)

During the Side Quest Big Dig, you can access the side room which contains the Power Suit.


Location 7: Crashed Vertibird

Head west of Murkwater Construction Site where you will notice a crashed Vertibird with a set of power armor around it.


Location 8: Jamacia Plain

Head North West of the Jamacia plain near the Military Checkpoint and a Suit nearby. Check the Map below for exact location.


Location 9: Mass Pike Interchange

From Jamacia Plain head a bit to the northwest to find this Mass Pike Interchange which is also a Military Checkpoint and a suit nearby.


Location 10: Natick Banks

Keep Following the road south out of Natick Banks until you reach a Military Checkpoint at the end of the road with the Power Suit nearby.


Location 11: Dock Checkpoint

This Armor Set is well hidden so it’s better to check the Map below to get the exact location(North West of Nahant Wharf) of the Suit. Once you reach the marked location you will find many containers and on your right will be the container with Advanced Lock Door

fallout-4-power-armor-location-11.jpg fallout-4-power-armor-location-11-1.jpg

Location 12: Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estate

Head towards the marked location and you will be attacked by few Ghouls. Now either you grab the Estate key or just picklock the main door, head inside and you will find a container with Power Armor.

  • Skills Required: Master in Lockpicking

fallout-4-power-armor-location-12.jpg fallout-4-power-armor-location-12-1.jpg

Location 13: Fort Strong

Check the Map below and head towards the north of the Fort Strong where you will come across a bridge with the small checkpoint. Get inside the Building to grab the Power Armor.


Location 14: Barge

Head northeast of the North Old Chuch and on the half sunk barge you will find the Power Armor in a cage.

  • Skills Required: Novice in Hacking


Location 15: Wattz Consumer Electronics

Once you reached the Marked location you will notice the Suit is inside the Cage.

  • Skills Required: Advanced Hacking


Location 16: South Boston

At the Military Checkpoint near South Boston, you will encounter few Gunners surrounding the area and you must clear them before heading towards the main building. Inside the Building, you will find the Power Armor in the Cage.

  • Skills Required: Expert Hacking


Location 17: Revere Satellite Array

Take down all the Super mutants in the area and then Climb up the Satellite Dish to grab this Armor Set.


Location 18: Court Tower

If you are lucky enough you will find a Full set of X-01 Armor. You need to head inside the Custom House Tower then take the west. If any confusion then checks the Map location below. Then get inside the Building and take the elevator which is to your left and head up where you will encounter 3 locked doors. Head straight towards the central door and take down the Assaultron and Sentry inside then grab the Power Armor.

  • Skills Required: Kill two Strong Robots

fallout-4-power-armor-location-18.jpg fallout-4-power-armor-location-18-1.jpg fallout-4-power-armor-location-18-2.jpg fallout-4-power-armor-location-18-3.jpg

Alternate Way to Get the Armor Pieces

Vendor: Proctor Teagan

Location: On the Prydwen

Sells different variants of T-60 Power Armor.

Vendor: Rowdy

Location: Atom Cat’s garage

Sells different variants of T-60 Power Armor.

If you have any other location to share then post them below in the comment section.