Where to find Charcoal Chunks in Grounded

A dangerous location.

If you’re looking to find charcoal chunks for your Oven in Grounded, you’re only going to be able to find them in a single location. Because they’re in a single location, it makes them pretty easy to locate, but they’re in a dangerous location. We’re going to recommend you bring some of the best armor and weapons you have to protect yourself and weevil gas masks. A handful of stink bugs in the area could release their noxious toxins against you, making it harder to fight them.

You can find the charcoal chunks on the northern part of the map in the garden, on the other side of the pond. They’re going to be underneath the barbeque that’s flipped over on top of the rock wall.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As we previously said, there are plenty of stink bugs hanging around this location. You can try to sneak past them to grab the charcoal chunks, or you can fight them off. Regardless, they’re going to be a problem, and how you deal with them is up to you. We’ve found hitting them from a distance and then finishing them off with the Mint Mallet yield the best results. If you have any explosives on you, we highly recommend using them.

When you reach the charcoal chunks, you want to make sure to bring your level two hammer, the Insect Hammer, to break them apart. They yield several charcoal chunks, and you can bring them back to your base to craft your Oven.

The Grounded developers have said this is not the final location for charcoal chunks. There will be other locations added in the future for this item, so we plan to adjust this guide when that information releases in a future update.