Where to find Pro Military Wasteland Sniper Loadout or Outfit in Fallout 4

 Where to find Pro Military Wasteland Sniper Loadout or Outfit in Fallout 4

Fallout 4

This Fallout 4 Walkthrough Guide will provide you details on how and from where to collect the Sniper Rile and the Military Outfit in order to look like a Pro-Military Wasteland Sniper Guy. Simply keep Following the Steps and if you have any doubt them post them below in the comment section. So without any further ado let’s grab the Outfit.

Fallout 4

Where to Find the Sniper Rifle

There are a number of places where the Sniper Rifle can spawn, but the you need to properly upgrade the weapon in order to use it like a Pro. So Firstly Head towards the ‘Mass Pike Tunnel West’ which is exactly west of the Diamond City. Check the Image below of the exact location.


Once you get inside the marked location, walk straight and you will encounter few Raiders and Zombies as you progress further. Now as you reach Gate of the Tunnel head inside then take first right and then left, again you will be attacked by a couple of raiders. Take right and head down the slope you will reach a terminal, hack it and get Inside.

fallout4-pro-military-outfit-2.jpg fallout4-pro-military-outfit-3.jpg

Then Head straight and you will see the Short Hunting Rifle just beside the dead body. Collect it and go to weapon gun bench to mod it. The Modding complete differs from person to person how you want to carry it, but we recommend to add the Night-vision scope and Compensator first and then add whatever you like. Once you are done modding the exit the Station and Fast Travel to the Boston Military Checkpoint.

fallout4-pro-military-outfit-4.jpg fallout4-pro-military-outfit-5.jpg fallout4-pro-military-outfit-6.jpg

Where to Find the Military Outfit

Head Straight to the Boston Military Checkpoint which is east of the Diamond City. Check the image below for the exact location. Now Walk towards the once of the Main Building and here you will have to take down two Military Soldiers. Take them out as you feel like, we tried the Stealth way to avoid any more damage.

fallout4-pro-military-outfit-7.jpg fallout4-pro-military-outfit-8.jpg

Once you take both Down loot them and one of the guy will provide you with ‘Leaded Reinforced Combat Armor Chest Piece’. Now it’s Time to check the Outfit from the Apparel in inventory option. Select the One you just looted and You can Us some Addons if you like.

fallout4-pro-military-outfit-9.jpg fallout4-pro-military-outfit-10.jpg

Different Military Outfits Addons

Main Outfit


Main Outfit + Gasmask with Goggles


Main Outfit + Gasmask with Goggles + Leather Shoulder


Main Outfit + Gasmask with Goggles + Leather Left Shoulder + Right Leather Shoulder


Main Outfit + Leather Left Shoulder + Right Leather Shoulder