Where To Find Rockruff – Pokemon Sun And Moon


In the Pokemon Sun And Moon, the rock puppy Rockruff is a rock type pokemon. You will get to see it first time when Professor Kukui is using it for battle. The following guide gives the information about where to find the Rockruff in the Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Rockruff Location Pokemon Sun and Moon

Where to Find Rockruff :

You will find rockruff in Melemele Island. In order to get to the rockruff, you need to defeat Grand Trail, who is the gym leader of the Island. After defeating him, go to the grass area near the mountain where Pokemon Lab is located. There you need to smash some rocks to enter the cave.

After entering the area, you will come across some other pokemons, you might need to battle with them. Keep going until you find some grass on the left of the path to find the Rockruff. Battle with it and capture it. The Rockruff is of level 10 to 13 and in order to increase damage skill of Rockruff, you can give him Hard Stone which is found around the same area.

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