Where to Get Fossil Pokemons in Pokemon Sun And Moon

In the Pokemon Sun And Moon, there are two types of Fossil Pokemons you will find and you need to choose between Skull Fossil and Cover Fossil. Once you choose one of them you need to revive them in order to use them. The following guide gives the information about where to find these Fossil Pokemons and how to revive them in the Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Fossils Pokemons Location - Pokemon Sun and Moon

Where to find Fossil Pokemon and Revive Them:

KoniKoni City is the place where you find these Pokemons. Search for the Stone Shop once you are there, you need to enter the place while you are in the story. You will get to meet an old man, who says “one per customer” which means you will have to choose between Skull Fossil and Cover Fossil.

Choose carefully since you will get only one for free but if you have enough money you can buy the other Pokemon Fossils. Once you got the Fossil Pokemon, you need to find a place to revive them. In order to do so you need to go to the Route 8 and reach the Pokemon Centre. Head up from there and take right into the Forest.

Keep going until you come across a guy and talk to him to make him revive your Fossil Pokemons. The Fossil Pokemons can be revived into Tirtouga, Archen, and Cranidos the rare type of Pokemons. The Skull Fossil revives into rock type Pokemon Cranidos and the Cover Fossil revives into Water and Rock type Pokemon Tirtouga.

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