Where to Put Every Item in 2010 – Unpacking Item Placement Guide

Every period in Unpacking is a challenge to overcome, and 2010 is no exception when it comes to placing someone’s entire life.

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The 2010 chapter of Unpacking tells the tale of the game’s young protagonist moving in with their love interest. This means that they not only need to find a place for their stuff in empty spaces, but they also need to fit it in around someone else’s things. This chapter gives players four rooms to work across, and one of them is pretty tricky. That’s why we put together this item guide for where to put every item in the 2010 chapter of Unpacking.

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Unpacking the Kitchen in 2010 Walkthrough

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Unpacking’s 2010 chapter allows users to move items that have already been placed, a stark contrast to previous levels. This is the crux of how they’ll manage to unpack everything in the kitchen. To start, take the items from the shelves next to the sink and put them in the cupboard above the fridge or on top of the oven. Ingredients such as cooking oil and sugar are best placed in the cupboard above the fridge.

Now there’s some extra space, it’s time to take the pressure cooker, pots, and red strainer and put them on those freshly-cleared shelves. Utensils will fit nicely in the drawers on the right-hand side, but the butcher’s knife needs to go in the top drawer for the level to end.

Photos and magnets go on the fridge. It’s also a good idea to put the whiteboard from the bedroom here because it’ll go well with everything else. Put the random electronics that are left over onto the counter and then move on from the kitchen.

Unpacking the Living Room 2010 Walkthrough

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The living room in Unpacking’s 2010 chapter is mostly about where to place the colossal number of books the protagonist has brought with them. Smaller items like dice and statues pocket the books, but they can be squeezed into the spaced left between them on the shelves. The Nintendo Gamecube slots in above the speakers.

This will leave a couple of books that can go under the glass table. Finally, the last few bits and pieces can go on top of the TV and second speaker to make the room look loved in.

Unpacking the Bedroom 2010 Walkthrough

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The bedroom is where the 2010 chapter lags in Unpacking. The bulk of the work in this room is placing clothes in the closet. It’s tedious, but it won’t take too long. Shoes and weights are good under the shelves because this leaves space for shirts and jeans. We found that the green hat is also best in the closet under the jackets.

The yoga mat, purple purse, and blue blanket all go under the bed with the framed diploma from the bathroom. Pick up any stuffed animals from other rooms and place them on the bed here because there’s no better place for them in 2010. To finish off this room, put the remaining items onto the nearby nightstands. Put the red scrapbook on one of the lower shelves.

Unpacking the Bathroom 2010 Walkthrough

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The bathroom is the last section of the 2010 chapter in Unpacking, and it’s a lot faster than anywhere else because it’s much smaller. This room is about finding the best place for smaller items, such as the comb set, hair straightener, and brush going into the sink drawer. The med kit and box of pills will fit on the shelves attached to the wall.

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The nail clippers, toothbrush, razor, and perfume should be on and around the sink. The last few items like the wooden brush from the kitchen, can be hung inside the shower, which will bring the 2010 chapter to an end.