Where to put every item in 2010 – Unpacking item placement guide

When moving in with your significant other means a lack of space to put your stuff.

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As the 2010 chapter in Unpacking tells the tale of our young protagonist moving in with her lover, this means players will struggle even more to find nooks and crannies to place all of her belongings. The good news is there is only four rooms to unravel, but one of them may take a while. Here’s how to go about the 2010 level.

Unpacking the kitchen

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Unlike past chapters, 2010 will allow you to move objects that have already been placed, and it is key to succeeding in the kitchen. Thus, you’ll need to take the items from the shelves next to the sink and place them either in the cupboard above the fridge or on top of the stove. Various ingredients like sugar and cooking oil will need to go in the cupboard on top of the fridge.

With space now made on the shelves next to the sink, gather the orange pressure cooker, the bronze, and silver pots, along with the red strainer, and set them there. Next, place any unboxed utensils into the drawers on the right. However, the butcher’s knife will need to sit in the top drawer to pass the level.

Then begin hanging each photo and magnet from the boxes onto the fridge. A whiteboard found in the bedroom will also need to be placed here. Lastly, a few electronics are hanging around; drag these to the counter near the sink to finish this section.

Unpacking the living room

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As the main character loves books a little too much, you’ll begin unboxing the living room by placing this massive collection of novels onto the shelves in the back. While unpacking these, you’ll run into smaller items like dice and statues. These can also be set in the tighter spaces along the shelves, but the gamecube will need to be above one of the speakers.

If done correctly, two books should be left — both needing to be placed under the glass table. To finish, the last remaining knick-knacks can either be set in front of the TV or on top of the other speaker.

Unpacking the bedroom

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In the bedroom, you’ll find yourself very tediously throwing all the unboxed clothes into the closet — and that’s not a bad thing. We recommend placing all shoes and weights under the shelves, as that will leave room for the spare jeans and shirts to go above them. The green hat can also be placed in the closet, but be sure to put it below the hung jackets on the left.

As shown above, the blue blanket, purple purse, and yoga mat can be set underneath the bed — along with the framed diploma that you’ll unbox from the bathroom. Speaking of the other rooms, any stuffed animals found in boxes across the house will be required to go on the bed.

To complete the bedroom, gather every other item onto the nearby nightstands — except the red scrapbook needing to be on one of the bottom shelves.

Unpacking the bathroom

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The quickest way to unbox the bathroom is to divide the smaller items from the larger ones. For instance, you’ll want to empty what is already in the sink drawer and set the comb, hair-straightener, and brush into it. Once that is full, place the med kit and box of pills on the shelves attached to the wall.

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This should leave you with the nail clippers, razor, toothbrush, and perfume — all of which can circle the sink. Any remaining items should be placed under the sink; however, the wooden brush from the kitchen will need to be hung inside the shower.