Wolfenstein 2 – How to Fix Nvidia ShadowPlay and Enable Recording


Did you grab a copy of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and are disappointed that Nvidia ShadowPlay doesn’t let you record your gameplay or take screenshots? We certainly were! Until we found this extremely simple fix. Read on to find out how to enable Nvidia ShadowPlay again. Other recording tools should also benefit from this tip, but your mileage may vary.

Turn off Motion Blur to Fix Nvidia ShadowPlay

Wolfenstein 2 - How to Fix Nvidia ShadowPlay and Enable Recording
Turn Off BlurTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Go to your game’s Options and visit the Video settings to turn Off Motion Blur. Something that Machine Games did in their use of the Vulcan API, must interfere with most recording tool’s ability to reliably capture the game’s screen. Disabling the Motion Blur feature appears to fix that.

Frankly, Motion Blur is often a graphical feature that is pleasing to look at, but over prolonged gaming sessions can become a nuisance. While we’re sure that a future update will address this issue and allow gamers to record the game and use Motion Blur at the same time, for now this is an easy fix.

Note: You’ll also need to enable Desktop Capture in the Nvidia ShadowPlay settings. This can be found in the ShadowPlay settings under Privacy Control.

Now that we here at TL;DR Games are able to grab screenshots and record video, expect us to deliver a full review and a bucket load of guides over the next week or two!