Wolfenstein 2 – The Enigma Machine And Cards Guide


When you finish up the main story in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, that doesn’t mean the game is over. You will get access to the Engima Machine, which you can use to visit areas of the game, kill Ubercommanders and collect any secrets you have missed.

As you play the game, you can kill Commanders and collect Enigma cards. The Enigma Machine allows you to decode these cards to gain access to mission areas and secrets you already visited in game. They also give you the location of the Ubercommanders.

Enigma Machine

The Enigma Machine is located in the Helm of Eva’s Hammer, your main social hub during the game.

Wolfenstein 2 - The Enigma Machine And Cards Guide
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To decode the Enigma cards bring them to the machine and hold E to interact with it. The next bit can be a little confusing, but you should get the hang of it quickly. You will see a list of the areas in the game, and the Engima card cost of accessing them. Click where you want to go then get ready to decode the card.

Wolfenstein 2 - The Enigma Machine And Cards Guide
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This takes the form of a puzzle, with you needing to match the symbols. You are on a timer, so you need to do it pretty quickly. Failure to decrypt the card in time means you lose it. As you successfully match each section, the timer will reset, giving you more time to do the next section. You control the bottom row, which is split in two. The top row shows you what you need to match up in the bottom rows. Use the up and down arrows to switch between the rows, and the left and right arrows to move the panels. You need to match the middle panels of the bottom to the relevant section of the top. As you match them up, hit enter, and the top section will move the right, showing you what you need to match next.

Wolfenstein 2 - The Enigma Machine And Cards Guide
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After you match up all the sections, you will have decoded the card. You can now use the Mission Table to travel to that area to kill the Ubercommando or find the secrets that you missed. If you are hunting Ubercommanders then be warned, they are tougher than your normal enemies. Killing them will drop Death Cards. Collecting all 15 Death Cards will unlock a final mission in New York. Collecting all the cards and finishing this mission will earn you the “Terror Billy” and “Killboard” achievements.

Wolfenstein 2 - The Enigma Machine And Cards Guide
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The Enigma Machine is certainly an interesting take on extending the time you spend in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and we appreciate the ability to go back to pick up missed collectibles!