Xbox Live core services are down, and what you can do

It’s always a waiting game.

When Xbox Live services go down, plenty of players on the Xbox One and Microsoft servers will start to experience a variety of errors. These problems usually prevent players from logging into their ideal game of choice and preventing them from going online to play with their friends or against other players. If a game relies on online services, such as Sea of Thieves or Red Dead Redemption 2, players will encounter several problems. The problem can certainly happen on the Xbox Series X, and as it launches, players can expect things to be a little rocky.

The only thing you can do is wait it out. All of it is entirely on Microsoft’s side, and they will need to figure out what the issue is that brought it down. For those eager to hear more information, you can watch the status of the service on the Xbox Live Status page Microsoft manages. The page will have a variety of updates providing valuable information for players about what’s happening and what’s being done to assist them.

When an issue is occurring, there’s likely a red ‘x’ next to the service, which also means Microsoft knows of the problem, and it is attempting to resolve the issue. Because the issue is on the platforms’ side, you won’t be able to reset the service or attempt to reactive it on your side.

You can also follow the live updates given out by the Xbox Live support page. They will provide immediate updates regarding anything happening on the Xbox Live status page, and any issues they know is happening. 

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